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Pre-college Blues


I am extremely proud of my daughter, as she prepares to begin the next phase: college. Nadiyah is headed off in seven short weeks and I have been excited for her. This was a great time in my life and I’m sure it will be for her.

With that said…I want her to leave…now!

I’ve had folks tell me that students do this to make it easier for them to leave. I’ve had folks say that kids get scared and anxious and lash out. Perhaps it’s a mixture of both and then some. I have never been as upset with her as I’ve been over the past month. Now let me state for the record that my daughter is only 17 and not past the hormonal teenagery bitchiness. BUT- all of a sudden – she does not listen, she does whatever she wants and cares about nobody but herself. The most interesting part is she’s only this way at home…interesting may not be the best word. Last week, I had a Bernie Mac out-of-body experience and all I wanted to do was “bust her head to the white meat!”

Seriously…I’m not liking her.


Phenomenal Woman


R.I.P. Maya Angelou
April 4, 1928 – May 28, 2014

Writer, poet, mother, performer, activist. You made many fall in love with themselves.



Rant: Bring Back Our Girls!!!!!!!


Has my head been under a rock? How did I not hear about 234 Nigerian girls being abducted from their classrooms about two weeks ago? Is this not news?

There are various petitions that you can sign and some rallies this weekend, check the hashtag…but I think the best strategy is to share with your networks especially your elected congressional representatives so that they know that this issue is important to their constituents.



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Smashing Walnuts


Today President Obama signed the Gabriella Miller Kids First Act allocating $126 million to pediatric disease research. Ten year-old Miller died in October from an inoperable type of brain cancer, but not before serving as a fierce advocate for funding.

She began the Smashing Walnuts Foundation bringing attention to the issue of pediatric brain cancer. Next, Gabriella wrote a letter to Obama asking that more money be dedicated to help children suffering from illness. Obama signed the letter today as well, for her parents.

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3 to 1 Vote Against Love


Kamryn Renfro (left), Delaney on the right

Caprock Academy, the charter school that banned Kamryn Renfro from attending classes for shaving her head to support her sick friend, reversed its decision yesterday in a 3 to 1 vote. Who was the holdout? REALLY?!? At first, Kamryn was not permitted back to school until her hair grew back. Kamryn’s mom lit up social media which brought the appropriate heat to the school board.

The school maintained that Kamryn’s shaved head violated its dress code- it was distracting. The school board’s chairwoman said the dress code encourages everyone to look the same. Now there’s a slippery slope if I ever there was one…

shaved heads are not permitted by the school’s dress code policy, which was created to promote safety, uniformity, and a non-distracting environment for the school’s students.

This is a horrible lesson to teach Kamryn, her schoolmates and her sick friend.

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Google Doodles


I LOVE their doodles! But I forget to go check em out.

Today celebrates what would have been civil and women’s rights activist Dorothy Height’s 102nd birthday.


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Best Valentine’s Day

Not kidding…


From my 17 year-old daughter. If you have a teenager, you get why this is special. This put it over the top.


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