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Show Me Yours, I’ll Show You Mine


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New Flava in Your Ear


June 19th marks the launch of DC’s new progressive radio station, We Act Radio. Offering 360 degrees of positivity.

1480AM – Get your real music, news and politics.


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Mercy, Mercy Me

In recognition of Earth Day 2011. Better late than never. Marvin was a prophet on many levels.

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Enter the Queen

Of tennis and fashion…

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Taxation Without Representation Continues

“Don’t tread on D.C., we demand democracy!”

On Monday, DC Mayor Vincent Gray, DC Council Chairman Kwame Brown and council members Yvette Alexander (Ward 7), Tommy Wells (Ward 6), Muriel Bowser (Ward 4) and Michael Brown (At Large) were arrested for protesting the Congressional budget deal that would place restrictive riders on the city’s budget. Forty-one protestors joined them and were also arrested for blocking Constitution Avenue next to the Dirksen Senate Office Building.

President Obama and the Republican-controlled Congress brokered a 2011 budget deal, that will prohibit DC from using its tax dollars to support abortion services for low income women. Additionally, the city will be unable to fund needle exchange programs to reduce the spread of HIV. How typical- to introduce a rider that further cripples the most vulnerable.

At the heart of this story is the status of the Nation’s Capitol. We are not a state and therefore do not have representation or a vote and are subject to having controls placed on our budget. This is a basic principle that I remembered learning alongside the Boston Tea Party. Another protest against unfair taxes and rule…hmmmm.

Do you know how much DC residents pay in taxes? I applaud the Mayor and Council members; I would gladly have joined them.

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A Time to Kill

In Cleveland, Texas last December an 11 year-old girl was raped by up to 19 men and boys ranging from middle school age to age 27. The town has become divided over this crime and some question the girl’s alleged behavior. She is eleven.

The crime came to light as the video of sex acts began to circulate around the school and one of the girls’ classmates shared it with an administrator. I first learned of this tragedy this morning while reviewing the latest headlines on my phone. 

I never thought that I would see the movie A Time to Kill play out in real life… When I first saw that movie, something inside me changed. I would be willing to assist in some justice…perhaps I will check on flights…

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Money Pit, Part II

The second major project for my house was a new roof. I reaaaally wanted to finish the basement, but I had to prioritize and the responsible choice won.

It was a hefty investment but one that was long overdue. I was very lucky that my flat roof withstood the record snow of 2009. When I purchased the house in 2000, I was advised that I had about 3 years left on the roof…do the math. So I began to research roofing companies that were experts in flat roofs. Using my trusty Service Magic resource, I looked up service providers in my area as well as ratings.

After securing a company, I went with an upgraded finished product that had a 25-year life rather than the 10 year flat roof option with maintenance every 2-3 years. It added insulation material to the roof extending the life and lessening the interior temperature of my top floor. The added bonus was that it was energy-efficient, upping the “green” quotient of my house. And I got a tax credit!

Although I’m still bummed about my unfinished basement, I know that I made the best decision. Home ownership is about enhancing your investment, getting the best bang for your buck and peace of mind…especially for a single girl like myself with two kids banging around in here. A roof isn’t sexy, but I can breathe easier so to speak.

Stay tuned for the chronicles of the soon-to-be updated upstairs bath.

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