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Swiiing, batter batter… swing!

This is the 60th Anniversary of Willie Mays’ 1951 Major League debut.










(Photo: Loomis Dean/TIME & LIFE Pictures)

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Changing the World’s Perception…

In a single bound!


An artistic expression from a festival in Eastern Spain.

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An orange splash of paint.

The strum of an acoustic guitar.

Lyrics of a Neosoul artist.

Restore my balance.

When the world is too much,

I need the balm of Art.

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It Takes A Village

I met Monica Haslip about nine years ago; the more I get to know her, the more awe-filled I become.

A talented artist, Haslip combined her corporate acumen, entrepreneurial spirit and community love to create Little Black Pearl (LBP) Workshop, in her basement.

That was in 1994. Today, she has a multi-million dollar Art and Design Center that houses several studios to teach woodworking, welding, mosaics, painting, glassblowing, pottery and photography, the Chase Kid’s Café, an art gallery and a store that sells the children’s artwork.

In my many conversations with her over the years, I am impressed by her intelligence and the unique voice she has to offer the fine arts world. Haslip wants to inject diversity and community into the art world, making it accessible to all, as it should be. She has used art as a means to teach children to express themselves and build confidence. It is no mistake that the neighborhood youth that have matriculated through LBP’s afterschool and summer programs have accomplished drastic academic improvements and continued to pursue higher education. With the tagline, The Business of Art, she has also further equipped her students with lessons on entrepreneurship, teaching them to sell their artwork which they can sell in the LBP store.

I have to be honest that my interest in Haslip’s work is also selfish. We share a kinship through art and community responsibility that nourishes me; I use her the way that I use all other art forms, to restore my balance. The first time that my daughter and I visited LBP Art and Design Center, we stayed hours into the night assisting artists with a community mosaic mural. I didn’t want to leave. There is a powerful energy in that place…

Monica has a mix of humility and stature that is both overwhelming and magnetic. I admire the work that she continues to do for our children and for the community at large. She inspires me to do more with the talents that I have been given.

Little Black Pearl Art and Design Center
1060 East 47th Street | Chicago, Illinois 60653
(773) 285-1211


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Freedom Riders

Before they boarded, they prepared their last will and testaments.

Students shamed the nation as the world watched…thank you.

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It Ain’t My Fault

Those pesky Liberals…AND they ended with that fist bump!

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Say Aaaah!

According to the latest Milliman Medical Index (MMI), healthcare costs for a family of four is $19,393, a 7.3% or $1,319 increase over 2010. On the other hand, this is the lowest annual rate of increase in more than 10 years. The annual report looks at five components: inpatient facility costs, outpatient facility costs, professional services, pharmacy and other.

  • Hospital inpatient costs accounted for more than one-third of the increase. Inpatient costs totaled 31% of a family of four’s total annual healthcare bill.
  • Increased usage of outpatient facility care grew costs by 10% to $3,404.
  • The total dollars paid for physician care increased by 4.4% to $6,329. Physician services accounted for one-third of the total cost of care.
  • Insurers, providers, and employers are making efforts to deliver more healthcare value per dollar spent.
  • Pharmacy costs rose by 8% to $2,847. Higher average drug prices accounted for about 75% of the increase with higher usage accounting for just 25% of the increase.
  • Employers are passing along more costs to employees.

I am curious about the impact that healthcare reform has or will have…

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A Quick Reminder

  1. Health care reform bill
  2. Stimulus bill (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) intended to create jobs and promote investment and consumer spending during the economic downturn.
  3. Withdrawal of combat troops out of Iraq
  4. New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty
  5. Appointment of two female justices to SCOTUS (Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan)
  6. Repeal of DADT, the military’s ban on gays and lesbians
  7. Withdrawal of combat troops out of Iraq
  8. Wall Street reform bill
  9. White House initiative on HBCUs

Drum roll please…

10. Raid on Osama Bin Laden’s home.


I Thought It Was Cute…


They may miss the prom…

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Use “Common” Sense

From one King’s dream, He was able to Barack us!

I remember when Eazy E visited the White House at Bush’s invitation…

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