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Enough said!

I am so over people’s selective memory. Obama has accomplished historic goals during an unparalleled time in U.S. history.


Living for 32

A few days ago, I watched a documentary about the lone suvivor of Virginia Tech’s on-campus massacre which killed a total of 32 students and faculty members. Featured is Colin Goddard and his fight to tighten existing laws regarding gun shows. HR 2324, Gun Show Loophole Closing Act of 2009 would require participants at gun shows to follow the law to require background checks of those purchasing guns at said shows. The VT gunmen, Cho, purchased his weaponry at a show despite his documented mental health issues.

A mixture of chilling and inspiring, the documentary follows Goddard and friends to gun shows around the country revealing how easily they can purchase military-grade artillery with no identification, let alone a background check. It also shows Goddard’s work with the Brady Campaign to push forward the proposed bill by educationg Congress on his experience and gaining co-sponsors. Goddard’s mother and select friends also speak candidly about the campus tragedy.

I was at work when the news began to trickle in about the shooting. Most of us abandoned projects to follow the updates and were scarmbling for more information. I cannot imagine being a parent of a VT student on that day. I shudder about the violence that unformatunately continues on college campuses. Not to minimize the everyday violence in neighborhoods and communities, but I think that once you get your kid off to college, you think that the future is theirs to grab- that they will be safe.

If you have the opportunity to view the documentary, do so. But if you do nothing else, contact your representative and urge them to re-introduce and/or sponsor this legislation. I know that this country has so many critical issues to address right now, but this is an easy one. It is an easy step to ending some of the gun violence; it is enforcing what is already on the books.

Speak for those who cannot.

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Irvine 11, Agree or Disagree?


Today the students who disrupted the on-campus speech of Israel’s ambassador, Michael Oren were found guilty. They won’t serve any time but will have records and receive probation.

I disagree with a guilty verdict and believe that when we stifle the voices of students we lessen the value of free speech. Such protest has pushed this country forward and forced it to look at social ugliness. I fervently disagree with suspending the Muslim Students Union for a quarter. Punishment seems to be levied dependent upon who is speaking.

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Way to go, Comcast!


While listening to the radio this morning, I heard something that made me smile, even on the inside. Comcast has new program, Internet Essentials, that increases access for children with limited resources: the families of children who receive free lunch can apply for affordable internet service and computers.

Admittedly, I don’t know the details and I am sure they will get quite a bit of goodwill PR out of this, but who cares. It is a step in the right direction. Let this be a sign or better yet a challenge to coporations to step up their social responsibility investment.

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We the People


Instead of talking about the Tea Party, Conservatives, Liberals or politics as usual…instead of complaining…let’s talk about the people.

People elect representatives. People elect Presidents. People have the power to change. We saw a change in the guard with the election of President Obama. We saw another change in the guard when the GOP took control of the House. People- if we don’t like the state of this country, it is up to each of us to speak out. It is our responsibilty to hold lawmakers accountable- put pressure on them, it works!

Vote, visit your reps, flood their inboxes and voicemails but stop with the whining!

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