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Can Facebook Solve Unemployment?

The Department of Labor believes it will help. Secretary Solis has announced a partnership with Facebook and several recruitment and worforce entities. Social Jobs Partnership will bring several job services to one portal (a Facebook page) making it easier for job-seekers to utilize them. Partners include the National Assn. of Colleges and Employers, the National Assn. of State Workforce Agencies and the DirectEmployers Assn. DOL also plans to expand to Twitter and LinkedIn.

Makes sense in theory- let’s see if it works. It’s about time the federal government dove into the social media pool (all of its employees certainly have…). I wonder what the timeline for updating the content will be…pretty sparse right now.

Landing on this page can help Americans land good jobs,” Solis said.

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Don’t Be a Bully

October is National Bullying Prevention Month.

Parents, educators, communities do not minimize this epidemic that is impacting and even killing some of our children. Bullying has become so prevalent that 47 states have enacted school anti-bullying legislation. From school shootings to suicides, as a society we can no longer afford the fallout from bullying.

Unfortunately, I have experienced the damage that bullying can inflict on a young spirit. My daughter was a victim in her eighth grade year. We both received unforgettable lessons about the pain of bullying. And although she has recovered and is thriving in high school, the depth of her sadness still haunts me today.

It is important that children understand how their actions can change someone’s life. We continue to see and hear about bullying in the school, in cyberspace and in neighborhoods. Research reveals that the bully is also impacted: they are more likely to be incarcerated and more likely to commit domestic abuse as adults.

What You Can Do

  • Talk to the young people in your life. Give them scenarios about bullying and ask what they would do. Ask them if they have ever witnessed someone being bullied. Find out if they’ve ever chimed in on a bullying session out of fear. Tell them if they’re afraid to tell you about it or a trusted teacher or adult.
  • Raise a confident child. Most bullies and victimes have self-esteem issues and feel isolated and alone. Talk to your children, grandchildren, godchildren, nieces and nephews and let them know that they are loved.
  • Connect to resources:
  • Stay in touch. Know what’s going on in your kids’ lives. Monitor their computer use. Ask about their day. Notice changes in behavior and/or friends.
  • Advocate for funding of school anti-bullying legislation.
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Get Back to Work!

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Did You Make the List?

Well, your degree, that is.

The job market remains tight, unemployment and lay-offs still run rampant yet everywhere you turn there’s an ad telling you to go back to school. That’s right, rack up more debt when you don’t have a gig! Well, if you’re considering heading to a campus near you, ponder this.

Broader (not bigger) seems to be better. Employers want a broad base and versatility. Here are the top five degrees employers love.

  1. Bachelor’s in Business Administration: I remember when this degree signaled that you had no idea what you wanted beyond “to go into business.”
  2. Master;s in Business Administration: This degree seems to be timeless – go for it.
  3. Bachelor’s in Accounting: A snore fest to me but all the number-crunchers that I know stay employed.
  4. Bachelor’s in Communications: I fondly recall wandering the halls of Annenburg…near and dear to my heart…
  5. Bachelor’s in Information Technology: Was anyone surprised, really? I thought it would have been at the top of the list.

There you have it. The latest top ten to guide your future. Oh, how we love a Top Ten…

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An Apple a Day…


Steve Jobs, a true innovator. Thank you for teaching, entertaining us and keeping us on the edge of our seats.

1955 – 2011



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