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Who Rocked the Red Carpet?

Now that the anticipation is over and the dust has settled, let’s get down to the important details…who rocked the red carpet?!?

My teenage daughter and I rushed home on Sunday to look at the Oscars’ Red Carpet coverage. We came up with our favorites and turned up our noses at a few. We rolled our eyes at the cost of jewelry, but had a good and girlie time. Hey- when you have a 15-year-old spend time with you, you savor it!

Viola Davis

Michelle Williams

Stacy Keibler (lemme just say, when you are the date of a nominee and you steal the shine especially from George Clooney, you are DOING IT!)

Rooney Mara

Octavia Spencer

Tina Fey

Shailene Woodley 

Honorable Mentions went to:

Emma Stone (It grew on us both. Once I saw the details- the waist and the peek-a-boo slit down her breastbone- I really thought it was structured and beautiful.)

Penelope Cruz (That color was glorious on her skin…wasn’t crazy about her hair though.)

J Lo (I thought the sleeves looked cheesy…my daughter liked it.)

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Gunfire in the Morning

A student opened fire this morning in his high school cafeteria, killing one and injuring four others.

Our children are still not safe at school.

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Raise the Roof


Chicago pastor, Corey Brooks, has been living on the roof of an abandoned hotel to raise awareness to the gun violence that is claiming the lives of youth on the
Southside. Brooks planned to remain on the roof until the remainder of the money was raised.Today was day number 94.

Disgusted by the level of violence, he and his congregation helped to rid the hotel of drugs and prostitution, planning to renovate it as a community center.”Last year I attended ten funerals of young men, under the age of twenty-five,” says Brooks. “The kids need a place.”

Meanwhile, deejay Tom Joyner asked Tyler Perry for the Harley from his current movie to donate to Brooks’ efforts. After explaining his cause, Perry asked how much needed to be raised; Perry committed to the remaining $98,000.

This made my morning. I only wish more who could afford to would give to worthy causes; it could change this country. Not to get preachy, but if I had it to give, I would.

Too many, including me, know the devastation of gun violence. Many families who live in our cities are accustomed to a level of violence which most associate with other countries.

Btw- I have heard about Chicago’s gun violence in the news but not a peep about Brooks’ mission. Shocking really…

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I Will Always Love You

The music industry is hemorrhaging right now. The loss of a voice and talent like Whitney Houston is indescribeable. And unfortunately, she is not the only loss. Within the last five years, music has lost artists who changed the paradigm with their unique sound and left an indellible mark. Let’s review:

  1. Michael Jackson
  2. Etta James
  3. Heavy D
  4. Teena Marie…

If we go back a bit farther:

5.    Luther Vandross
6.    Teddy Pendergrass
7.    Rick James… 

This is sad in itself, but for music lovers there are only a select few artists today who have the God-given talent to take us higher.

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10 Reasons Why I Hate Valentine’s Day

(Ok, I really don’t hate it, but “don’t like” is not as provocative…)

10. It is a commercial holiday.

9. It makes the lonely, lonelier.

8. People feel an enormous amount of pressure to please their significant other.

7. It’s a day that people who have effed up use to excuse poor behavior.

6. It’s overrated.

5. I’m not a big fan of chocolate.

4. Nobody gives meaningful gifts.

3. The red, pink and hearts are a bit too much.

2. If you’re apart from the person you love, it sucks.

And, drum roll please…

1. You should treat that special someone with love and respect everyday of the year- don’t go all out on this one day.

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New Rules for Women in Combat


Not sure how I feel about it yet, but interesting. On staff with a previous employer, I did a lot of work about and on behalf of female soldiers and veterans, waaaay before anybody was talking about it.

I raise my eyebrows now at all the attention that they receive and they have earned it. The Pentagon changing rules is a big deal, especially in light of all the women who have been killed and injured in enemy combat over the last decade in Iraq and Afghanistan. But I am still undecided about the limitations that are set. It’s too dangerous…it is dangerous to be a medic, translator or part of a convoy!

I wonder how women feel about it. If there are any female vets and/or soldiers out there, how about it?…

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