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Just Like Yours


A girlfriend sent me this article. I appreciated it. My son has known Obama upon sight and by name since he was two.



Hush Little Baby


Last week my daughter brought home a computerized baby for a health class assignment. She kept it for two days and had to treat it as she would a real baby: when it cried, she had to tend to it (insert a key)- when it needed changing (insert the proper key) and when it was hungry, etc. It also had an abuse light that would alert the teacher if the baby was mistreated.

I’ve heard of this assignment, but had never seen it, especially up close. After the assignment, the students must write a reflection on the experience.

Okay…after five minutes in the car, it cried- loudly! Seven minutes later, it’s crying again and she has to find the appropriate key to use…diaper change again. Meanwhile, Diallo is telling her to make it be quiet.

“I just used that key!” I looked at her and said, “okay…it happens….”

She kept the baby for two nights and she was exhausted. The baby cried throughout the night and she had to make a journal entry each time. After the first night, as I dropped her off at school, my four year-old said matter of factly, “Don’t bring that baby back.” I silently agreed…

“Can you watch the baby while I take a shower?”

I nodded my head and almost felt sorry for her. I am hopeful that she is getting the lesson. Friday morning, she returned the baby and we were all thankful.

I look forward to reading her reflection (and having the next installment of sex talks…).


Happy Birthday X


El Hajj Malik El-Shabazz
May 19, 1925 – February 21, 1965

I remembered first thing this morning, then lost track during the day. I want to pay homage to one of the most dynamic leaders who had a remarkable and transformative life which was cut short before he truly blossomed. Do the research…

Happy Birthday!


Toot Toot… Yeah…Beep, Beep


Hey Mister?! Have you got a dime?

LaDonna Adrian Gaines
December 31, 1948 – May 17, 2012

Bad Girls…my absolute favorite Donna Summer song. I had the double album that opened up like a spread. Donna Summer looked FABULOUS, standing under a streetlight. I wad about seven and didn’t know what we were singing about, but I loved that “toot toot yeah beep beep!” I’m surprised my mother bought it for me…

The Queen of Disco passed away today after a long bout with cancer; she’s in no more pain. This is another mighty blow after The Godfather yesterday. Let’s keep their families in our thoughts and prayers.

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Wind Me Up Chuck!!!


R.I.P. Chuck Brown
August 22, 1936 – May 16, 2012

DC will never be the same.

Native Washingtonians today mourn the death of this icon, Godfather of Go-Go, who gave birth to a genre of music that became our soundtrack. I have countless memories associated with his music especially seeing him live. Whenever I hear his signature sound, it makes me move.

You will be truly missed but your music is a lasting legacy. I’m bopping to Hoochie Coochie Man right now! Whatchu know about that?!?


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Thanks, Mom!

As Mother’s Day approaches, I reflect on my relationship with my mother and think about my own children. I have close friends who recently lost their mom and I think about how Sunday will be for them. Conversely, I have another close friend who recently lost her stepson and know that it will also be a difficult day.

Whether you have a very close relationship or a complicated one, we have unparalleled love for our mothers. So cherish her. On that note, I picked a few songs that move me.

A Song for Mama – Boyz II Men
If I Could – Regina Belle
Dear Mama – Tupac
Sadie – Spinners
I’ll Always Love My Mama – The Intruders

What are your favs?


Another First for POTUS Maximus

In case you missed it, have been under a rock or otherwise preoccupied, on Wednesday, President Obama became the first in-office President to support same-sex marriage. As “Gina” would say, “you betta go BOY!!!!”

Now, was this political posturing, a heart-felt admission, a combination of both? I don’t know, but whatever, it was brave…and it was time. I haven’t followed the inevitable chaotic reaction that followed, but I hear that the opinions are extreme. As my 15 year-old daughter said yesterday during our morning commute, “who cares, let people live their lives. Why do church people think they get to judge others?” So there you have it folks.

I think we all can relate to the “evolution” that Obama spoke about. I have had many of my own during my life’s journey and will surely have many more. I can think back to a time when I was young and close-minded on this very topic. It took me growing up, seeing the world and forming my own opinions for them to actually change.

I am hopeful that the “angry people” do not blindly make decisions in November that will send this country in the wrong direction. Life is tough enough and we don’t need to encourage ignorance. Lord knows I’ve experienced my fair share.



Red Shirting


No, I’m not talking college sports… I’m talking kindergarten. Academic redshirting is a growing phenomena in which parents are seeking a competitive edge for their children. By delaying their child’s entrance into kindergarten, some parents are hopeful their children will be natural leaders.

This seems counterintuitive to me. I was discussing this issue with another parent who agreed. She recalled that when she was in school, if a classmate was older they tended to be ridiculed or somewhat ostracized. I share those memories.

As the parent of a gifted teen who was denied entrance into kindergarten because she was too young, but then later “skipped” kindergarten I do not agree with this assertion. My daughter continues to be a leader of her peers and is frequently the youngest. I think that as parents and educators we should allow our children to advance according to their pace and to do otherwise is a disservice to them.

I am currently selecting a school for my four year-old son which, by the way, rivals the college selection process in the stress level and pressure to make the right choice. He just turned four, tested in the “gifted” range and is reading. His teacher wants him to enter into kindergarten in the fall, however he is too young to do so.

I understand that educators are concerned with the maturation level of young students and their social skills. However, I think that we should look at students as the individuals that they are. There will be some students who are ready to begin school at an early age and others who are not – my son included. My fear is that he will do another year of pre-kindergarten and become progressively bored in the classroom. I can and will supplement as much as I can at home, but will that stave off mischievous behavior at school? My concern is that would lead to him being labeled as a behavioral problem.

I think the point should be to do what is best for the student in order to nurture their learning and growth. When did we get so off track that education became about anything other than that?

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