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55 Till Now

August 28th marked the infamous anniversary of Emmett Till’s murder in Money, Mississippi.

A new documentary debuting in November, 55 Till Now examines the kidnapping and murder of the 14 year-old. This documentary highlights the perspective of Mayor Johnny B. Thomas who was a child in that community when Till was kidnapped. Thomas shares how the impact it had on his life. Director, DeShaun Davis seeks to educate and increase dialogue through this film. The tagline reads, “Pursuing Healing Over Justice.”

I remember seeing archival photos from the funeral in which Mamie Till insisted on an open casket so people could “see what they did to my baby.” I saw those pictures as a teenager, but the image of his bloated face is seared into my brain. Writing this post, I stumbled upon it again and it made me physically sick.

Till’s murder became a lightning rod in the fight for racial equality and civil justice. Visiting his grandmother for the summer, the Chicago teen was lynched for “being inappropriate” with a white woman at the local corner store. Till was taken from his bed by the woman’s husband and his brother; the boy was savagely beaten, shot in the head and tossed into the Tallahatchie River with a metal fan strung around his neck to weigh the body down. Till was found three days later; his killers were later acquitted.

In 1993, author Bebe Moore Campbell penned a novel, Your Blues Ain’t Like Mine, loosely based on the Till murder. Set in the ’50s, it imagines the back story and aftermath of the community and families impacted, spanning three decades. This fictional tale beautifully and intricately intertwines lives as well as race and class. It is spectacular and one of my all-time favorites. I have read it about four times and think it’s time to dust it off.


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The Elephant in the Room

The week of the GOP convention and I have been silent which is, let’s say, uncharacteristic… I am just sooo tired, I can not even begin.

I just want everyone to try honesty. This country has been headed toward the abyss for decades now: the economy, politics, education, healthcare- all of our major systems. In 2009, there was “a perfect storm” of events the likes of which no President has ever experienced. So if everyone could stop repping their party for one second and consider what occurred, they would probably be overwhelmed by the sheer enormity of it. Yet, historical progress was made in the areas of education, healthcare, veteran support, military operations and civil rights.

And now there is an attempt to pin this country’s descent on one person. Ridiculous. Is it that people are that gullible, that hateful or a combination of both?!? Because from where I stand, many of us need a civics refresher course if we think that the President has limitless power to make changes and decisions ALONE. That list is defined- it’s called checks and balances people so we can maintain democracy.

Is there work yet to be done. Yes, enough to go around. Enough for Congress to actually do their jobs to do what’s best for their constituents rather than special interests and top PAC donors. Enough that voters should do their homework and think about what will be best for their families and communities. Enough that we should consider voting records and accomplishements versus advertising budgets.

I try to remain optimistic but I am not blind. There has been so much thinly-veiled hatred over these last four years that I am ashamed and disgusted. This country is on the verge of being dragged backward which is not a positive direction for my family and cohorts.

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Not a Burrito Fan


(Gotta love the tagline…)

I have seen the ridiculous lines snaking out of Chipotle, especially when I worked in downtown, DC. I don’t like burritos and the layered bowls so I never understood. But I thought the rounding up (or down) practice was interesting

Chipotle lovers, what say you?!??

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Better Late Than Never…


Gov. Martin O’Malley (D) will swear in Montgomery County, Maryland’s first African American, female district court judge today. Karla Smith is a former prosecutor and assistant state’s attorney. Prior to this appointment, Smith headed the county’s family violence court, prosecuting for violations of child abuse, domestic violence and elderly abuse.

But she claims motherhood as her primary role.


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Don’t Worry, I’m On the Pill


Soooo, a birth control pill for men. Scientists from Baylor College of Medicine are that much closer to a pill with temporary or reversible impact on fertility for men. The drug, JQ1, blocks a protein that is needed to produce sperm. Scientists published today in the journal Cell.

Now, I have to say that I am impressed by the achievement- it was just a matter of time. But in reality, I don’t know that I would leave that responsibilty to a man. I’m just sayin’, if he doesn’t take out the trash, we’re annoyed. I just don’t know if there will be a market.

It is promoted as being an alternative to a vascetomy but temporary. Perhaps I’m mistaken, but I don’t see it being comparable to the women’s pill…

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Top Ten of the Olympiad Rollercoaster


1. Pistorius doesn’t get to run in the 400 relay after all that work. But wait, he will…

2. Phelps gets out-touched by .05 seconds by Le Clos in the 200 fly.

3. US women’s teams meet up in the gold medal round of beach volleyball. The Golden Girls win their third consecutive gold medal.

4. US men’s basketball squeaks past Lithuania 99-94 in an early round.

5. Fifteen year-old phenom Ledecky steals the 800m freestyle, just in time to get back to high school.

6. After making history to win the 2004 gold and fighting through multiple injuries, Chinese hurdler Liu Xiang, doesn’t finish his heat.

7. Aly wins the bronze after an inquiry following the individual balance beam event. And then the gold!

8. Weiber doesn’t make the all-around for women’s gymnastics. And we kept hearing about it…

9. Orozco on the US men’s gymnastics team falls flat on the vault, literally.

10. Lolo doesn’t medal…so close but yet so far!

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Moonwalk Meets Swimming


I think synchronized swimming is kinda weird but I’m mad I missed the Russians’ tribute to MJ.

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