Top Ten of the Olympiad Rollercoaster

10 Aug


1. Pistorius doesn’t get to run in the 400 relay after all that work. But wait, he will…

2. Phelps gets out-touched by .05 seconds by Le Clos in the 200 fly.

3. US women’s teams meet up in the gold medal round of beach volleyball. The Golden Girls win their third consecutive gold medal.

4. US men’s basketball squeaks past Lithuania 99-94 in an early round.

5. Fifteen year-old phenom Ledecky steals the 800m freestyle, just in time to get back to high school.

6. After making history to win the 2004 gold and fighting through multiple injuries, Chinese hurdler Liu Xiang, doesn’t finish his heat.

7. Aly wins the bronze after an inquiry following the individual balance beam event. And then the gold!

8. Weiber doesn’t make the all-around for women’s gymnastics. And we kept hearing about it…

9. Orozco on the US men’s gymnastics team falls flat on the vault, literally.

10. Lolo doesn’t medal…so close but yet so far!

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