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Oh Sandy!


I haven’t heard from many of my friends who live in New York. I am praying that they are at least safe. Hurricane Sandy was what they call the “perfect storm.” I don’t know if she was perfect, but that bitch was angry!

I am wondering what happens to those in parts of Brooklyn and lower Manhattan (and perhaps a few in NJ) who surely have no flood insurance to protect their property. Do they rely on FEMA?

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Interview Q&A

Don’t get tripped up by that interviewer…

I know this is everyone’s favorite topic! You’ve studied the wesbite, the leaders in the company, their policies/financials/programming, social media channels, policy positions, events – you are well prepared. You leave early, giving yourself plenty of time to get there. You’re wearing the perfect suit and shoes, portfolio in hand (for some us).

As you sit in the lobby, you begin to feel very warm and wonder if it’s just you. A glass of water would be great right now. FOCUS, you tell yourself. Then, they call you back into the conference room.

As your heart begins to flutter, you say “I got this.” I have great experience and credentials. Then, the questions begin. If it’s a group interview, it can feel like a firing squad. Here are a few bullets (questions) that are bound to be fired your direction.

  1. What is your biggest weakness?
  2. What are your salary requirements?
  3. Where do you see yourself in five years?
  4. Why did you leave your last job? or Why are you looking?

Those were the questions, here are some answers- well, sort of…

Good luck.

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Rape, Abortion and Pregnancy

The GOP just cannot shut up about rape and keeps sharing their horrific views. All these men wanting to make this decision… it would be laughable, if it was not so demeaning…

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No Pasttime is Safe


First the movies, now the spa…from Colorado to Wisconsin…guns. A gunman entered the salon where his wife was employed and opened fire, killing three women and wounding others. He ultimately turned the gun on himself, thank God. I know some people won’t like that I said that, but so what! If you’re that unhappy, start with yourself so nobody else has to die. I am sick of the crazies who do these heinous acts, then go to court and plead insanity. The defense waxing philosophical about a bad childhood; woe is me and join the club.

Radcliffe Haughton Jr. is dead and gone. We don’t need the details and exact timeline, he’s not going to trial. Take that taxpayer money and give it to the victim’s families to bury their loved ones.

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Live Strong

Why I am still an Armstrong fan.

Well they finally did it. Lance Armstrong has been stripped of his seven Tour De France titles and has been banned from the sport. The first <i>American</i> to win and subsequently dominate cycling has been shamed. But I still respect and love him.

I have an uncle who is an amatuer cyclist and still races. He used to yammer on about cycling and over the years, we used to go see him compete. But it was not until Lance Armstrong won the first Tour De France did I begin to pay attention. What Armstrong did to brand the sport is unmatched and can not be measured. And after he fought cancer that was spreading through his body and came back, he became larger than life…forget about it…

In theory, I get it. A doping program is illegal and cheating… I do not minimize the feelings and sadness of cyclists. I know that people are disappointed and I can not explain why I am giving him a pass. But I know that I don’t like or appreciate 11 teammates testifying against him. I personally don’t know if he’s lying.

But let’s look at the playing field, shall we. According to the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, 20 of the 21 riders on the podium in the Tour from 1999 through 2005 have been “directly tied to likely doping through admissions, sanctions, public investigations” or other means. Further, of the 45 riders on the podium between 1996 and 2010, 36 were by cyclists “similarly tainted by doping.”

So who will hold the records now? You can’t give them to anyone else during those years for the same reasons.

Nike could not have had a stronger ambassador for their slogan. Armstrong was the incarnation of the swoosh. But no more…Armstong has also been dumped by all endorsements.

Despite all of this, you can not wipe away the collective memory of Lance Armstrong from cycling, nor should you. I think the majority will remember him as a cycling champion, but time will tell. Whatever happens, his charity, Live Strong, will be his legacy.

PS I have yet to discuss all of this with my uncle. Not sure how that’s gonna go… :/

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Degrees To Avoid…Really?!?

There was a time when we encouraged youth to attend college to pursue a degree that inspired their passion. The love of learning was enough. Well, that time has come and gone people! Unless you luck out and your passion is also in high demand. Although, in this economic slump, there are many with master’s degrees who are not in high demand (myself included).

If you want to get hired, it is reported that employers are unimpressed with the following majors:

  1. Architecture (seriously?!)
  2. Philosophy or Religious Studies (because we certainly have no need for this in this day and age!)
  3. Anthropology or Archeology
  4. Ethnic or Civilization Studies
  5. Information Systems
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Fifty Shades of Healing


You’ve heard all of the hype; you’ve maybe heard the criticism. Maybe you’ve even read the books…

Despite all the financial success, movie deal and controversy, there’s an important question we need to ask…what’s behind it all? Women. Sexuality. An important by-product of this craze is the impact that it’s had on women: their sexuality, relationships and marriages.

Author EL James did her first on-camera interview a few weeks ago with Katie Couric. She remarked about the surprising letters and thank yous she’s received from women and couples. The racy prose is apparently awakening a dormant “goddess” that has women all riled up! Women are losing their inhibitions and trying something new. Now, it may not be the Red Room but they are expanding their sexual repertoire. And they are happy. And it’s saving marriages. And heating up sex lives.

I told a friend about the books some time ago. We are both avid readers and it’s a fun read. Anyway, let’s call my friend Ana. Well Ana and her husband, Christian, have been having problems for at least a year. The issues center around communication and past hurts but have grown enormous; they either argue or don’t talk at all. A once healthy and rich sex life has all but dwindled.

The other day she called and shared:
“I guess the fifty shades has gotten to me.” On his day off, Christian took the kids to school and came home to a Dom Ana, dressed in only spike heels holding a whip. “Take off your clothes now!” He thought she was playing until he felt the bite of the whip. He quickly obliged.

“I whipped his ass!” Then, I explained all the hurt I’d been feeling, the effect no sex was having and how he’d been mistreating me. If he interrupted, I whipped him; if he answered my question too slowly or complied to a request too slowly, you know what happened.

This led to great sex and a long and overdue honest conversation. She said it turned out to be a really good day and Christian said he enjoyed the time together.

So, I don’t care that the book is fantastical…it’s fiction for crying out loud. I care that it is empowering women and liberating them.

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This is the fear of being without a mobile device. A California therapist has started a support group at the Morningside Recovery Center, to address this addiction. According to a recent study, 66 percent of folks suffer from it.

Replacement therapy is part of the treatment so that patients keep their hands busy. They are also required to go ten days without their device.

I know too many people with this condition. Could you do it? How long could you go without your device?

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A First For Ole Miss

On October 13, Courtney Pearson made history. The 21 year-old is the first African American woman to be crowned as homecoming queen at the University of Mississippi. Pearson who won by only 110 votes, acknowledges that she does not fit the aesthetic stereotype. This is a milestone especially given the ugly comments that you will find posted to the online articles covering this story.

Pearson is excited to be an inspiration not only to young girls (she has a young sister) but to the elderly who can recall the university’s recent past. The University of Mississippi enrolled its first African American student only 50 years ago which was met with violent riots.

Pearson is a secondary English education major and plans to be a teacher. She serves on student government, is the university’s judicial chair, freshman orientation coordinator…the list goes on.

[To the right: Courtney’s father escorts her across the field.]

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A Lady of Leisure


NOT! But today, I felt like one.

I met my cousin this morning for an introduction to a potential client. Afterward, she persuaded me to accompany her for a manicure. (I will not tell you how long it’s been since I’ve had any type of spa treatment or related service.)

“C’mon…my treat!”

I couldn’t even relax to enjoy it. After trying to make myself stop making mental lists of all I had to do, I focused on the news headlines…I had to do something productive. I know, sad.

Getting a mani on a soggy, Monday morning seemed so indulgent that I couldn’t receive it. What is wrong with me?!? My hands do look great, however. 😉

Then, wait for it…we had an early lunch at a Zagat-rated Vietnamese restaurant. We chatted and laughed- talked about life, kids and careers.

I really had fun. I guess I was overdue for girl time. Thanks Julie!

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