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This is the fear of being without a mobile device. A California therapist has started a support group at the Morningside Recovery Center, to address this addiction. According to a recent study, 66 percent of folks suffer from it.

Replacement therapy is part of the treatment so that patients keep their hands busy. They are also required to go ten days without their device.

I know too many people with this condition. Could you do it? How long could you go without your device?

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A First For Ole Miss

On October 13, Courtney Pearson made history. The 21 year-old is the first African American woman to be crowned as homecoming queen at the University of Mississippi. Pearson who won by only 110 votes, acknowledges that she does not fit the aesthetic stereotype. This is a milestone especially given the ugly comments that you will find posted to the online articles covering this story.

Pearson is excited to be an inspiration not only to young girls (she has a young sister) but to the elderly who can recall the university’s recent past. The University of Mississippi enrolled its first African American student only 50 years ago which was met with violent riots.

Pearson is a secondary English education major and plans to be a teacher. She serves on student government, is the university’s judicial chair, freshman orientation coordinator…the list goes on.

[To the right: Courtney’s father escorts her across the field.]

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A Lady of Leisure


NOT! But today, I felt like one.

I met my cousin this morning for an introduction to a potential client. Afterward, she persuaded me to accompany her for a manicure. (I will not tell you how long it’s been since I’ve had any type of spa treatment or related service.)

“C’mon…my treat!”

I couldn’t even relax to enjoy it. After trying to make myself stop making mental lists of all I had to do, I focused on the news headlines…I had to do something productive. I know, sad.

Getting a mani on a soggy, Monday morning seemed so indulgent that I couldn’t receive it. What is wrong with me?!? My hands do look great, however. ūüėČ

Then, wait for it…we had an early lunch at a Zagat-rated Vietnamese restaurant. We chatted and laughed- talked about life, kids and careers.

I really had fun. I guess I was overdue for girl time. Thanks Julie!

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Reasons It’s Okay If I Don’t Work At [company name] Anymore


The following are “guidelines” to let working mothers know when it’s time to re-evaluate.

1. Because I have two lives and I don’t have time to enjoy either one of them.

2. Because trying to be a man, is a waste of a woman. ūüėČ

3. Because my kids will be grown up in a flash and I will have missed it.

4. Because somehow, some way, someday things have to change.

*Adapted from I Don’t Know How She Does It.




Once I began watching the vice presidential debate, I remembered why I usually don’t…foreign policy. Admittedly, most of that goes over my head with the joint chiefs and names of cities and townships that I don’t know. I like the broad overview, not the granular… I felt a bit more knowledgable with the question regarding embassy security and the handling of the attack in Lybia. However, I was completing the financials for a college scholarship online application, so my attention was elsewhere.

It was not until Martha lobbed the abortion question did my focus return to the debate. I wanted to hear two men debate this as an issue of POLICY. Let’s outlaw abortion and force all babies to be born; then let’s gut the budget of any programs that will assist that child and mother to flourish.

To think that men have an inkling of understanding about abortion is malarky. To stand on your religious and moral beliefs to oppose abortion is malarky. Just ask all of the clergymen and politicians (especially Catholic ones) whose teen daughter, niece, granddaughter, sister or girlfriend has tiptoed across state lines to have a quiet procedure. Oh, you probably can’t because they either have no clue or will go to the grave with that skeleton. My point? It is easy to grandstand until it’s personal.

Women should govern their bodies- period. If the father wants to be involved, then they decide on something so personal and difficult. Repealing Roe v. Wade is, say it with me, malarky.


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I Don’t Know How She Does It


A colleague and girlfriend saw this movie in-theater and urged me to see it. However, I seldom get to the movies much less to see what I want; I just caught it on cable.

I heart this movie.

Talk about hitting the issues of working women and mothers… maternal guilt, separation anxiety, exhaustion, career mommy-tracking, work-life “balance”, resentful spouse/partner/co-parent, gender discrimination, overwork, stay-at-home vs work, judgmental co-workers…whew!

There is a scene where the main character talks about a study which found that mother get much less sleep than they should and the research couldn’t account for it. She says she could tell them why. Ditto. LISTS. The next scene shows her in bed, in the middle of the night, staring at the ceiling adding items to the imagined to-do list. I thought it was just me…

Two criticisms: one, when Pierce Brosnan professed his unrequited feelings, many women would have lost the account or their job (been there…); two, the script began to back peddle. Let me explain. Sarah Jessica Parker, working mom, apologizes to her husband for traveling too much, letting things slip and putting work first. Why? This was short-term and for a project to catapult her career. Because he recently won a major contract? It’s called compromise people. She wouldn’t have asked him not to do what was necessary for his contract. You work together and figure it out. The kids will be fine!

Despite my gripes, I truly enjoyed the movie. It addressed timely issues that frequently get swept under the rug and hopefully sparked discussion in some households.

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Scary Beautiful


A collaboration between artist Leanie Van der Vyver and Dutch shoe designer René van den Berg. Van der Vyver is South African and a graduate from Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam.

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