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Is Your High School Athlete Covered?

Rocky Clark’s Law is a hard-fought win that any parent, grand parent, coach, youth sports league should know about and I am hopeful they will.

When we eagerly sign our child up to participate in soccer, Pop Warner football, gymnastics, are we reading the fine print? We never want to imagine our child being injured, but it happens. And what if it’s serious…catastrophic? What level of insurance do these sports leagues carry? How does that insurance interact with our personal policies?

Rocky Clark’s Law, a state law in Illinois, requires that schools cover students who suffer serious injury while participating in a school sport. Rocky Clark, a high school student who was injured on the football field, became a quadraplegic. The school policy covered his care until it didn’t (ten years later) and his family had to rely on Medicaid. Rocky has since passed away but his mother remains an advocate for parents and families and worked to get this legislation passed.

It is a state law. It covers public schools, some non-public school sport activities not youth sports leagues. However, it is a first step. This is an issue that I never considered until catching up with my cousin who has worked on this issue and with this family. She is a patient advocate and is familiar with such limits and shortcomings in insurance coverage. Again, I ask you, is your athlete covered?

My son is signed up to play Pre-K soccer this Spring and I don’t foresee any catastrophic injuries but do we ever. Nevertheless, I will read the fine print.

Watch ESPN’s Busted Coverage – Oct. 2012

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Real Talk: Access and Equity in Health Care

Most who know me (professionally or personally) know that I have issues about which I am passionate. You could scan the categories of this blog and figure them out. 😉 One such issue is health care which has been a recurring theme in my career.

I am a proponent of universal health care. I remain in disbelief of how far we have to go in this country to ensure that all communities are healthy and that it is not a privilege. Although it has detractors and areas for improvement, the Affordable Care Act is groundbreaking and, I think, a step in the right direction. Anyway…

While conducting some research, I stumbled across an interesting report that points to information technology as an equalizer in health care access and equity. It raised my eyebrow because I discussed this point heavily with a previous client, ERSS Online, assuring them that this critical issue was their USP (unique selling proposition). ERSS Online offers some innovative products such as Blood Type Locator, secure electronic medical records/storage, Emergency Link – a service that provides your vital information to emergency responders, as well as traditional patient advocacy (a lost art form).

A worthwhile read. No, I have not done a cost analysis for implementing the recommendations in this report (given we are on the precipice of sequester), but they are worth discussion.

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And the Winners Are…

My daughter bailed on me for our annual tradition, so I was left to my own sense of style. I have to say that the over-forty women showed how it’s done on the red carpet. Charlize Theron, Halle Berry, Sandra Bullock, Octavia Spencer, Salma Hyek and Jennifer Anniston looked FABULOUS and effortless.

Lil’ Q (Quvenzhane) – so cute. She is dressed her age and I luuuuuved the puppy purse.


Charlize Theron – You better do It! She stepped out of the limo and glided from then on. All white, pixie cut…BAM!

Jessica Chastain – she is the first one that I saw. I felt that she evoked Marilyn’s Happy Birthday, Mr. President dress. The cinched waist, rounded hip. The color was awesome for her skin and that hair… 

Salma Hayek – Elegant and regal looking… tiara and all. A curvy woman has to be careful that the dress doesn’t give too much. The fitted velvet is sexy.

Jessica Lawrence – loved the necklace going down her back. Her hair pulled back in a sophisticated style. The fitted bodice and full skirt with a deep texture was beautiful.

Octavia Spencer – stayed loyal to her designer from last year. The color was gorgeous and the style and cut were as well. I think her designer knows how to design to accentuate her body type and she looked fantastic. She received no attention and that bothered me, especially since she won just last year.

 Jennifer Aniston: 2013 Oscars Red Hot GownJennifer Anniston – I loved the red. It was simple and I liked the slit/pleat in the front (which you can’t see in the picture) that added some character.

Halle Berry – FAB-U-LOUS! She said she wanted to look like a “Bond girl” and she does. The vertical lines, shoulders, metallic…she is flawless. 

Stacey Kiebler – Last year, the former wrestler looked amazing and she does not disappoint this year. To be the date of a star and outshine many, people need to step up their game. I guess you have to be on it to be on Clooney’s arm.

Sandra Bullock – The beading detail, the cut that showcased her body and the sheer panels were divine. And the diamond hair clip took it over the top for me…

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The Impatient Yogi


Stretching…then the “Dog, Cow and Cat Poses” per my son…

(Apologies. Technical difficulties prevented the video from loading.)

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Our Oscar Picks


For fashion, of course…

Soooo, last year we slacked (I know you were heartbroken…), but this year my daughter and I are all over it!!! Who will have the top Red Carpet fashions?!?

I want to see the star of Beasts of the Southern Wild, Quvenzhane Wallis. She was so rough in that movie and she’s a young cutie so that will be fun!
Denzel…men definitely get the short end of the stick, but a fine man in a well-cut suit is always refreshing.
Kerry Washington…I love, love, love her. She is so intelligent, talented, beautiful AND SHE IS OLIVIA POPE!!!!
Jennifer Lawrence- I am dazzled by her depth of talent at such a young age. She is beautiful and will look fabulous in almost anything. Jessica Chastain, she was great in Zero Dark Thirty and always looks glamorous. The red hair kicks it up a notch.

Oh yeah…and we want to see who won awards too… So stay tuned…

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A Fallen Hero?

As his bail hearing continues in South Africa, <a href=””&gt; Oscar Pistorius’s</a> chances are bleak, but not compared to those of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, whose life was cut short.

Early on Valentine’s Day, Pistorius shot and killed his girlfriend in his home, reportedly mistaking her for an intruder. When I first heard the story, I thought (like most) what a horrible tragedy…but as details surface, it’s not looking good…

Questions have bubbled up that challenge the Olympian’s story, begging the ultimate question: was this murder or an accidental homicide?

  1. Were the shots fired from a downward angle suggesting that his legs were attached (does not support his account) or from a lower position?
  2. Was there an hour of arguing or no argument? A possible witness claims to have heard non-stop arguing from 2-3am, however accounts question whether what could actually be heard 600 meters away.
  3. Lights on or off? It is reported that lights may have been on which again does not support being awakened by an intruder.
  4. What was the position of the victim? A police report says she was crouching in a fetal/defensive position.
  5. Were there steriods found or herbal supplements? This would suggest that the prosecution is going to insert “steroid rage” into its case.

Reeva’s brother gave a statement remarking that they were not thinking about Oscar’s case but rather concentrating on Reeva and their family. Pistorius is considered a flight risk and therefore should not make bail considering the crime, but stranger things have definitely happened.

I just remember the inspiration and happiness felt as my daughter and I watched him compete last summer, a hard-fought victory…

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Welcome Back Robin


Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts looks fabulous on her first day back to work. “I have never been so excited to hear that 4 am alarm!” A welcome that included a personal video message from the President and First Lady, Roberts looks refreshed and happy. Many speculated that she would not return after her life-saving marrow transplant, bit breast cancer survivor Roberts has proven them wrong.

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The Customer Is Never Right


Or helpful, apparently.

On Monday, I purchased six cupcakes from Harris Teeter (yes I am putting it out there) for my daughter’s birthday. The icing was DISGUSTING; she threw it away. I felt so bad. Normally I would bake myself but we celebrated yesterday- and she had Mom’s homemade carrot cupcakes, yum- so I just picked them up to sing Happy Birthday on the actual day. Anyway…

I went back to HT bakery to provide feedback and was met by a deadpan face from the young lady behind the pastry case. When I didn’t let it go, she suggested I take it up at customer service with a manager; she couldn’t make a change in the process. I understood and thanked her.

Once I was connected with the manager with that section, (who is a baker, I will add) he knew which color I was referencing and shared that they do not make the frosting in-house, but use pre-made crap. But, kind sir, does that the source of my complaint?

He asks me if I have my receipt. I tell him I do not nor was that the reason I brought this to his attention. They were $3.99 for goodness sake! I wanted to provide this feedback to help you improve and because I am certain you will get other complaints. Then this: “You should contact Brill and let them know what you’ve told me.” He had a slight accent and it took me a moment. My response: “Ok, to be clear, you are suggesting that I (not YOU) contact the manufacturer of a product the you use in HT bakery, to tell them that said product is unsatisfactory?…That doesn’t make sense…why would I do that?”

I then collected my son who was growing restless and left resigned to always using Wegman’s bakery even though it’s a twenty-two minute drive.

My son: “Mommy I really liked the pink icing.” He would, he’s four.

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I Was Pleasantly Surprised

A few diamonds from the President’s speech that both touched and surprised me a bit.

1. Affordable pre-school for all children- what a radical concept
2. The meaning of fatherhood- could you say that 1,000 times Mr. President so that it can be heard around the world!
3. AIDS-free America – you would think that we have a handle on this thing for the limited attention it gets.
4. Connecting education to employment- a revolutionary concept indeed.
5. Improvement of voting process – although so many are willing, it doesn’t make it right.
6. “They deserve a vote!” – shaming folks for not bringing gun leg to a vote.

Stay tuned for a more complete SOTU post tomorrow.

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What I Wanna Hear


Tonight, there are a few things I wanna hear from our President.

1. Gun control
2. Job plan
3. Education
4. Immigration
5. Tax changes/ budget decisions
6. New energy opportunities

And I wanna see some second-term swagger that spurs his actions.

What’s on your list?



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