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She is Fierce!

chelisaFormer homeless teen, Chelisa Fierce, is valedictorian of her Georgia high school with a GPA of 4.46. She will be entering Spelman College as a junior.

Her sister, Chelsea, was salutatorian at another school.

NO EXCUSES!!! I text this story to my daughter immediately…

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I Salute You


Although I do not support war, I absolutely support those who serve to protect this country.

Let’s be sure to recognize and support soldiers and veterans year-round. Whether is thanking a neighbor for their service, making a donation for wounded warriors and/or urging your representatives to propose/sponsor legislation that supports soldiers, veterans and their families.

Those who serve or have served in our military, I salute you this Memorial Day and always.

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Go Britt!

Mercury Welcomes Brittney GrinerGood for Griner, good for Nike…shame on Baylor. But the university is not unique. And this is not a new issue; it probably precedes Title IX.

Rather than support our youth and current students, let’s persuade them to keep quiet about who they are …you don’t need anyone knowing your personal business! Because what we really want is to cater to the close-minded parents out there whose perspectives stagnate this country.

Our institutions of higher learning need to become just that. At such as critical time in life when young people are finding themselves, choosing their path and beginning their life’s journey, such a request could be devastating. Griner thankfully had the support of family and friends, but some youth do not. I don’t want to hear that it’s a Christian school because that further emphasizes my point. She is a beautiful, talented young woman who is making her unique mark on the world. Isn’t that what we claim to want for our children? Better?

To accept this type of thinking is to also support the other ignorant assumption: that all girls who play or excel in sports are gay. So I guess colleges better have “the talk” with all of its female athletes.


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Happy Birthday


El Hajj Malik El-Shabazz


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It Ain’t About Balance


The issues of working moms, working vs staying at home, worklife balance were debated to death when I worked at an organization representing working women and families. As a working AND single mom, I finally came to the conclusion that there was no such thing as balance and one should not seek it. Now as an entrepreneur, I take that to the second power!

I love this article because not only am I reminded that I’m not alone, I truly believe that as a working parent, you have to live your life and worry about the rest later.



Unmanned Aircraft Launch


Yesterday the US Navy launched an unmanned aircraft from a carrier based in Norfolk. Unlike drones, this aircraft gets its direction solely from computer programming.

While the X-47B is not be used for operations just information gathering, we know where this is going. While it’s technologically impressive, this is a scary road to tread.

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Happy Mother’s Day

I am wishing all the Moms, Grannies, Nanas, Godmothers, foster mothers and stepmothers a wonderful Mother’s Day!

Let’s remember to cherish them everyday and spread the celebration throughout the year. 🙂

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Let’s Take a Page From Italy

Italian Minister for Integration Cecile Kyenge poses during a news conference in Rome

Cecile Kyenge serves as Italy’s Minister of Integration (I like that…integration). On April 17th, she made history as the country’s first Black government minister; she is one of seven women in the government.

Since in office, she introduced a law to make children who are born in Italy, citizens. Imagine that.


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$8 Million Bail


Can you imagine having to serve as Castro’s public defender?

Just when you thought humankind could not scrape any lower in the barrel, meet Ariel Castro. In a year of kindergarten murders and marathon bombings, I thought I couldn’t get any more disgusted with people…

Yes, the women are free and home now, there is reason to celebrate. But I am saddened and infuriated by the deviated path these girls’ lives were forced to take. I was talking to a friend today and told him that this case underscored how closely I monitor the commuting of my 16 year old. Too many people think I’m paranoid. People steal/hurt/kill/rape teenagers too!

And how in the hell do you let the brothers go? Am I missing something?!??

A final thought: I hope the city and police departments are ready because lawsuits are a-brewin’… These women were a few miles from where they disappeared. WTF?!!!!

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The Morning After


This week the FDA approved the “morning after pill” for females ages 15 and over without a prescription.

The thinking is, that age understands implications…Bullshit…!!! At 15, I was a mean, immature teen who did not think past the next day. I want to know if my 15, 16, 17 and even 18 year old daughter has had sex, especially if unprotected, and wants the Plan B drug. Not that the prescription made those conversations happen but at least a doctor could have a discussion with the patient.

Oh yeah, and pharmacies are responsible for checking identification…that’ll happen…

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