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Best Bathroom Handle EVER


I would love to shake the hand of whoever invented this contraption (and I know it would be clean!).

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Gifted Hands, Shameful Words

Obamacare is the worst thing to happen since slavery…it makes all of us subservient.

– Ben Carson

This man has always been a hero to me; however as a child I didn’t know to looked into his ideologies. Many of his recent remarks are shameful.

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Keep On Truckin


I dont know the last time DC has seen so much action: Navy Yard shooting, government shutdown, bizarre shooting on Capitol grounds and now, the truckers.

Today in the DC Metropolitan area, truckers will “ride for the Constitution.” On top of the heavy rainfall, tractor trailers will clog three lanes of the beltway; they plan to continue through the weekend.

I don’t use the beltway, but many do and the runoff could be painful. At first glance, the protest seems great: civil unrest to bring about change. End the shutdown, fair wages, lower gas prices… Congress, do your job!!!! However, there are some wack jobs at its center. And what you don’t want are angry, crazy people who are organized.

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