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Won’t Read THAT In the News

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Today my daughter and I attended DC CAP’s annual scholarship seminar and luncheon to learn more about the financial aid process and tuition assistance opportunities for DC students. The highlight of the program was the announcement of winners of DC CAPs contest, Why I Want to Go to College. High school seniors could answer the question using one of the following media: rap, song, visual art or essay.

Honorable Mentions were named first and the winners appeared onstage. The top three winners presented their submissions. Third place wrote a letter to his dad that answered the essay question and has used it for some college applications; there was not a dry eye in the room, especially my own. Second place was a painting of Trayvon Martin (pictured above). The young man explained that many times he does not share what he’s feeling, but his art allows him to express it. First place went to a school mate and friend of my daughter’s who was shot last Spring by an unknown assailant as he walked his cousin to the bus stop. He wrote about getting a second chance at life and his desire to have a safe place for his future children to grow and play; college is his ticket to better.

It struck me that the three winners were African American males. YES!!!! You won’t see that on this evening’s news…

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Real Talk: Black Bruins


Just in time for college app season!!!

A close friend and educator shared this HuffPo article about the lack of diversity at UCLA and this student’s mission to talk about it.

UCLA is not alone. I don’t have the stats on hand but Calif. may be struggling more due to the changes in the admissions guidelines. However, I still take issue with the contention that without considering race, African American students can not compete. I will allow that many under-represented students come from less rigorous academic backgrounds and that’s what Affirmative Action was supposed to contribute to the college admissions process. That being said, it is no longer applicable…so what now?…

To Sy: Again the youth force change through innovation and creativity, but I wonder about the severity of the ramifications. And there will be ramifications… But there always have been. So continue to fight.


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The Eternal Feminist


At times, she dramatically rears her head. Sitting in traffic this morning, this sign jumped out at me. YES!!!

And I need a landscaper…

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Violence is Violence


I heard this and was humbled. In 1996, Ann Arbor, MI, an 18 year-old African American girl threw her body over an alleged white supremacist after a crowd of protestors began to beat him.

I can honestly say that I would not have done the same. These are the untold stories of people who make this country great and that is why young people make change happen.

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Writer’s Flood

It has been two weeks since my last post and I am out of sorts. I’ve had another birthday, a bout of the flu and the world has continued at a hurdling pace. There has been so much, too much, to write about that I find myself at that familiar place that disheartens me far more than writer’s block ever did.

I have so much to say or write that nothing bubbles to the surface. In Washington, the feds are back open, a disoriented mother was gunned by Capitol police and Walmart is closing in; nationally,  gunmen continue to terrorize the country yet no national gun control legislation has moved; Corey Booker was sworn in (yeah!) and Virginia has a crucial election next week. Yesterday, the food assistance level was cut from families and the healthcare marketplace suffers yet another setback…

Good news? I’m on my first, college road trip for my daughter. We drove all night and over 500 miles to see her top two in the same day. Of course there were purchases in the respective bookstores to further commemorate the trip, but no campus pictures – go figure. Tomorrow (today) is just for us to explore the city, eat good food and take pictures. Then it’s back on the road for the grueling drive back to research and an interview for me, scholarship apps and labs for her. [Middle leg of the college journey. Subsequent posts to follow…]

Point is, sometimes I have to keep it close to home, I guess. Write about what I know best.



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