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Am I My Brother’s Keeper?


Launched the day after the two-year anniversary of the slaying of a hoodie-wearing teenager named Trayvon Martin.

I don’t care what anyone has to say about this program.  When I first read about it, it took my breath away…and still does…moved beyond words. I respect and admire our President for having the audacity of hope!

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The Perfect Score


A new strategy for helping your teen prep for the SAT: take it yourself, seven times.

No thanks. I took it twice, once as a sophomore once as a junior, and that was enough. Mother and SAT enthusiast, Debbie Stier, has a book to help college-bound students.

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Lady Bird is Chomping at the Bit


A 440-foot machine straight from a sci-fi film is slowly tunneling under D.C. to clean our rivers and streams, eventually. Lady Bird is creating an overflow tunnel for our outdated sewage system…eeeeew…

DC water customers are shouldering most of the bill. But we will eventually see it benefits when we look out onto the Potomac,  Anacostia and Poplar Point rivers.

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My Feets Are Tired, But My Soul Is Rested


The words of a maid during the second week of the 1955 bus strike in Montgomery, Alabama.

I don’t usually post about Black History Month; I grew up with an ever-present recognition of my history. It is February and I am catching up on programming that has waited patiently on my DVR: a six-part historical series on African Americans. My daughter and I missed the first edition but watched the next three with much discussion and mixed reviews. I don’t agree with the vantage point of the narrator,  but respect the resulting work and detail.

Besides,  I am continuously humbled and motivated when I see/read/listen to the action of my forebearers. A bus strike that changed the landscape of civil rights in this country inspires awe.

A historian in this episode said he’d once heard it said that “when Rosa Parks sat down, Black people stood up.”
I wonder if anyone could be that united, committed and passionate about their beliefs today to sustain a year-long boycott.

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Best Valentine’s Day

Not kidding…


From my 17 year-old daughter. If you have a teenager, you get why this is special. This put it over the top.


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Become a Donor

Some may recall that in November 2012, I donated stem cells to a 12 year-old with leukemia. I found out that she was recently hospitalized with a respiratory issue and is still there. So, send your well wishes,  positive energy,  prayers whatever you can spare her way.

My donor coordinator reminded me that it has been well over a year so the transplant was successful- this is just a setback. I just want her to return to sone normalcy.

Save a life. Donate.

If you’re too afraid to be a living donor, be an organ donor (you won’t need them anymore). Or donate blood.

We all need to see beyond ourselves and help someone.

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How Could I Forget?!?


February 6, 1945 – May 11, 1981

Happy belated birthday to one of my all-time favorite artist/activists!!!

If you have a favorite song, post it in a comment.

‘Nuff said…

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