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Happy 125th Birthday!


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3 to 1 Vote Against Love


Kamryn Renfro (left), Delaney on the right

Caprock Academy, the charter school that banned Kamryn Renfro from attending classes for shaving her head to support her sick friend, reversed its decision yesterday in a 3 to 1 vote. Who was the holdout? REALLY?!? At first, Kamryn was not permitted back to school until her hair grew back. Kamryn’s mom lit up social media which brought the appropriate heat to the school board.

The school maintained that Kamryn’s shaved head violated its dress code- it was distracting. The school board’s chairwoman said the dress code encourages everyone to look the same. Now there’s a slippery slope if I ever there was one…

shaved heads are not permitted by the school’s dress code policy, which was created to promote safety, uniformity, and a non-distracting environment for the school’s students.

This is a horrible lesson to teach Kamryn, her schoolmates and her sick friend.

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My Pleasure


My love-affair with Chick-fil-a is well-documented. But beyond those addictive nuggets is the level of customer service. Where do they find these people?!? What they deliver can not be taught.

This morning I stopped more for coffee than anything and was met by Gloria. She had a bright smile and lilting voice that could melt your heart; everyone served after me left smiling. She reminded me of Mandy Moore’s character in A Walk to Remember. Anyway, the speed and service that Chick offers is second to none in the fast food biz and rivals many swanky establishments.

When they say, “it’s my pleasure,” you truly believe that it is.

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Google Doodles


I LOVE their doodles! But I forget to go check em out.

Today celebrates what would have been civil and women’s rights activist Dorothy Height’s 102nd birthday.


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The NRA had George Zimmerman signing autographs at a recent Orlando gun show. I truly salute his parents because I would be in jail asking for God’s forgiveness.

Today there will be hearings regarding Florida’s stand your ground law in Tallahassee. There is a march and rally this morning; participants will return at 3:30 to the state capitol for the committee hearings. If you are in or near Tallahassee, please attend. The violence and injustice surrounding this law (in 24 states) affects everyone. Our young people are losing their lives over it.

If you tweet, use #squeezeison


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Confessions of a Working Mom


Last month, I made a huge decision. I rejoined the “traditional” workforce after being self-employed for 3.5 years. The deciding factor was my children; they were also the reason I made the decision to work for myself.

The good news? I love my job. It’s only been five weeks, but I enjoy doing what I love (writing, strategizing) and being challenged. Because it is a large company- the largest I’ve ever worked for- I have many different types of projects, working with different types of people. And I am going to learn! That had been missing from my professional life for so long: the opportunity to grow and develop professionally.

Yesterday evening, my son excitedly shoved a crinkled paper into my hands. “It’s for Rock Creek! I wish you could go with me.” And there’s the downside. I can’t go with him. It’s on Wednesday.

I tell him, “Mom will go on another trip with you.” And I mean it. Another bit of good news. My new company is family-friendly. This was mandatory for me in my search. I’ve worked for places that frowned because I was out when my toddler had the flu. REALLY?!? So, I know that I will join him on the school bus for a trip, I just want a little more time in and to give a bit more notice (my work schedule is pretty full next week).

But, this has been and continues to be a huge transition, not for the kids, for me! I can’t remember how I did this!!! Mostly, I feel like a chicken with my head cut off. There are so many moving parts it is unbelievable. A bit more good news: the kids are fine…wasn’t that a movie? I digress.

I just slept for 11 hours. I guess I needed it. Add into the mix keeping my senior daughter on task, prom dress fittings, graduation planning and anticipation of college acceptance/funding. Whew! I know it will level out. A bit more good news… I’m excited!!!!

However, as I tell my younger friends who are not yet parents: “Parenthood is gangster! It is not for the faint of heart.”



True Families

What is a true family you ask? Good question. Yesterday during my morning commute I was behind a car for about five miles, with several religious bumper stickers. One sticker referenced a “true family” complete with a graphic of a mother, father and two children.

Now, perhaps I was reading too much into it…but I think not. There is no true family, they all look different and who cares as long as they work! When I say work, I mean the family provides the love, support and care to one another in order for its members to feel nurtured and then grow. Not staying a unit for appearances or out of fear to leave.

A few weeks back, I saw a Chevy commercial that talked about what a family is; I loved it. As a single parent, I’ve received my share of judgment…but the heart of family is what’s important.

BTW- I imagine the driver of that cares hates that commercial.


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Supporting Actors Steal the Show


The highlights of the night for me were the acceptance speeches of Jared Leto and Lupita Nyong’o. Heartfelt and genuine, they both spoke to the heart of what filmmaking should be; it is an art form.


A few months ago, I had an intense conversation about movies being entertainment and too much emphasis being put on them to enlighten viewers. I suppose because I fancy myself a writer, I beg to differ. I think that films are an important art medium to do what art does: inspire, anger, awaken, enlighten, inform…

But back to last night. I enjoyed those remarks and the musical performances most. I was also tickled by Ellen ordering the pizza.

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Red Carpet Style: Oscars 2014

I’ve become very lax with my award season fashion reporting. I know you all are waiting with baited breath…

Anywho, my co-host abandoned me to her teenagery ways, so I didn’t have a Golden Globe post. I coaxed her into a partial viewing last night because gowns are top of mind right now (prom is in May and she’s all about the mermaid silhouette).

I/we have a short list this year.


Amy Adams

Lupita Nyong’o


Kate Hudson

Charlize Theron


Jennifer Lawrence (not many images that show the back and side view but I think it made the gown.)

Lady GaGa (I actually didn’t see her last night but just added her when reviewing images.)

Stay tuned for another Oscar post.

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