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Phenomenal Woman


R.I.P. Maya Angelou
April 4, 1928 – May 28, 2014

Writer, poet, mother, performer, activist. You made many fall in love with themselves.



Thank You


To all of the women and men who have served in the armed forces and reserves to protect us, say thank you. For those families who have lived ones who continue to serve or will serve, we thank you.

Such service is unfathomable to me but I am humbled but it and never miss the opportunity to thank a veteran. Nir should you. It’s not about war, it’s about the people and families who sacrifice.

Thank you.


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Chipotle Says No Guns


Chipotle bans guns in its eateries. Dammit! Don’t misunderstand- I’m all for it. But how did I eff that up?! And I thought I was that much safer (or perception of being) in Chick-fil-a.


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Would You Like a Gun With That?


Chick-fil-a has instituted a no-gun policy for its chain of eating establishments. Other than law enforcement, you can not pack heat when you order the golden nuggets of goodness. You know I’m all for it!

Last year, Starbucks instituted a similar policy.


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5000 Men for 500 Corners

Violence in Chicago has unfortunately risen again and my favorite Pastor, Corey Brooks, is doing something about it. Today is sign-up day for volunteers to “man” (pun intended) the hot spots in Chicago throughout the summer. Specifically, Brooks is asking men to commit to patrolling and serving as mentors as well as building rapport with young men ages 12-25. The 5000 will be on post on 500 city corners on Friday nights from 6-10pm, June through August. This is a program of Project H.O.O.D.

In a related activity, he will be asking women to sign up to be “Sisters on the Street” to mentor young girls throughout the summer on Saturdays from noon to 4pm.

For more information:

  • Visit
  • Follow @CoreyBBrooks on Twitter
  • Share through your social networks so that all cities can learn and emulate this model
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The Kiss Felt Around the World


No matter how you feel about it,
there is a bigger picture to consider.

I admittedly shielded the screen from my six year-old as I pulled up this footage; I did it only because he’s six and not ready for discussions about any type of sexuality. Had it been my 17 year-old, we would have had a lively debate as to whether it was a smart move (put on today’s to-do list). I see the pros and cons of such a public display, but it’s done. Cue the bigotry.

Sports has always served as a means of breaking barriers providing a universal platform for athletes. This morning, a commentator asked this question: all of the sports voices issuing comments that denounce Donald Sterling, shouldn’t they be loudly supporting Michael Sam?


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Know Your Audience


My daughter and I are in the throes of graduation preparation and college selection; I feel like a crazy person. Last weekend, she had a meltdown for which I had to do damage control and restore her sense of balance (and still get the boy to basketball practice on time). This past week had been constant contact with the college guidance office for me (not pretty, fodder for another post) and AP exam anxiety for her. We capped the week with a day visit to my alma mater,  Temple University in Philly- either to take it off the table or increase the complexity of her decision.

We drove up from DC to attend an information session and tour. There has been so much on-campus development that I was lost; fellow alumni have kept me abreast but to see it was stunning. Anyway, listening to the admission’s counselor wrap up the presentation, I hear:

This is not the Temple of the 80s and 90s. At that time,  anyone with a pulse could get in.

My daughter turns to me wide-eyed and I mirror her shock/surprise/offense. The group was corralled for a restroom break before the tour. My daughter was turned off. I agreed that it was inappropriate but urged her to take the tour and I’d deal with it later. [I had to put my big-girl panties on.]

I left her in the restroom prettying up her hair and returned to the group. I found said counselor answering a few more questions from parents and students. Do you have a question? No just a comment.

Class of 95. You should probably not use that line in your talk.

Cue the stuttering. What I meant was in the SEVENTIES, it was seen as a public university for Philadelphia. You could get in with a 2.7 and a 750 score. Those that attended then as parents they think it’s still that way and it’s not…
I gave no response and the lobby was slient. I found my daughter to begin the tour.

As a PR professional, I have written countless speeches, talking points and created multi-media presentations. I have always driven home the rule of knowing your audience with senior execs, board members, CEOs. This is PR 101. Never mind my personal feelings about the statement. He is an agent of the university and therefore a spokesman. You do not make disparaging remarks about your organization in public. Further, do your research. We had to register for this activity. My daughter’s file should be flagged that her parent is an alum because it was a question on the admission application. If it isn’t, it should be to maximize CRM. And, most importantly…WHO DO YOU THINK MAKES UP YOUR DONOR BASE? Surely not graduates within the last decade…

I see this as a teachable moment. I am hopeful that he received the lesson.

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Just In Time For Mother’s Day


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Rant: Bring Back Our Girls!!!!!!!


Has my head been under a rock? How did I not hear about 234 Nigerian girls being abducted from their classrooms about two weeks ago? Is this not news?

There are various petitions that you can sign and some rallies this weekend, check the hashtag…but I think the best strategy is to share with your networks especially your elected congressional representatives so that they know that this issue is important to their constituents.



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