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Walgreens: Know Your Status

Today is National HIV Testing Day. Walgreens is offering free HIV testing today through Sunday. Detecting HIV early is critical to having a long and healthy life. Learn your HIV status; know your partner’s status and practice safe sex.

Protect yourself.  Protect your loved ones. Protect our communities. HIV is 100% preventable.

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Original Gangster


Pope Francis excommunicated all members of the Mafia over the weekend. I love him!!!! He’s an OG…

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Definition of a Dad

I don’t follow baseball, but this story caught my eye and pricked my heart. Daniel Murphy, Mets second baseman, was criticized in April for missing two games for the birth of his son. Radio show hosts and former athletes said the game is his priority with one stating that his wife should have scheduled a c-section. The game is more important than being a dad. This is why so many children don’t receive the attention they need from fathers: society does not require fathers to be present.

Murphy said it never occurred to him not to be at the birth. His litmus test in response to the critics is being able to answer his son’s questions about his entrance into the world.

That is the definition of a dad.


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Together Again


Ruby Dee
Actress and activist.

October 27, 1922 – June 11, 2014



A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Waste


Did UNCF sell out? I say, Hell no!!!!

Koch Industries, a conservative company with some albeit dispicable views, has pledged $25 million to UNCF for scholarships. UNCF has been getting heat since the announcement. I wonder how many of those who object to the endowment are donors…

According to UNCF, nine out of 10 qualified applicants- that’s 100,000 students per year- are denied financial support due to lack of funding.

I am certain that there aren’t any organizations that know the political ideology of every donor to ensure that the two align. Further, as long as it is not hush money, meaning that there is no literal or implied assurance that UNCF will not speak out against Koch’s political agenda, then let’s send more kids to school.

UNCFs mission is to get kids to school. I say by any means necessary…



DC Principal Shares His Pride


Wilson High School Principal, Pete Cahill, “came out” to students at the school’s Second Annual Pride Day in Northwest DC today.

After remaining silent last year, I couldn’t tell them to be themselves- you are safe…I had to walk the walk.

Shocked students yelled and cheered. DC Mayor Gray told the students to applaud his courage. There will surely be calls to the school tomorrow…I cannot imagine the drama that is sure to ensue.

To Cahill – live your truth!!!!!

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Real Talk: Gun Violence Is a Public Health Issue


Today MomsRising visited Senate Offices on the Hill with over 220,000 petition signatures, urging for gun violence to be deemed a public health issue. Why not?!? Nothing else has worked. Not a classroom full of dead kindergarteners, not continued violence on inner city streets, not campus shootings and certainly not public shootings in malls/movie theaters/day spas.

This position underscores that of U.S. Surgeon General hopeful, Dr. Vivek Murthy, because he, like many other doctors and associations, has said that gun violence is a “health care issue.”

Let me be clear: I heart MomsRising. I have worked with them in the past on many advocacy issues from paid sick leave to workplace policy and flexibility. And I’m a left-leaning Mom. 🙂

Stay tuned to see if David has any hope at defeating Goliath…


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