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It’s On Us


1 in 5 women are assaulted on college campuses (that’s the reported number). Of course, the real number is higher.

Last week President Barack Obama launched a campaign to combat sexual assault on campuses. Based on recommendations from task force recommendations, the goal is to raise awareness and educate college students about the issue and what can be done to prevent it. Obama says that a key component will be to engage college-age men in the prevention process.

The new campaign will expand student-led efforts on campuses and partner with associations including the NCAA and athletic conferences such as the Big Ten, and large companies, including Viacom, which will promote the campaign on MTV, VH1 and BET. Over 200 colleges have signed on to participate in the campaign.

I talked to my daughter about it last week; the research stated that most assaults happened in the victims’ freshman or sophomore years. I reiterated the new rules: going to parties in groups, ALWAYS getting her own beverage (and not sitting it down) and encouraging her to use her self-defense tips. Talk to your college students, male and female. Encourage them to be safe and aware.

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South Park Strikes Again

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Five Months Later

Nigeria Kidnapped Girls
[Partial reprint of HuffPo article.]

Not one girl has been rescued

In the first days after the abduction, 57 of the girls managed to escape from their captors. But not one has escaped or been rescued since then.

Even though they were reportedly located months ago

In May, a Nigerian military official claimed he knew where the girls were being held. A month later, U.S. surveillance planes also spotted a group that officials believed to be the girls.

Stephen Davis, an Australian cleric and mediator, said in June that a deal to free the girls had fallen apart three different times in one month. He says that powerful people with “vested interests” are working to sabotage a deal, and he has accused Nigerian politicians of funding Boko Haram. Nigeria’s government has defended its approach to the crisis and warned that a rescue effort might risk the girls’ lives.

Other countries have made little progress

According to the Associated Press, it took more than two weeks for Nigeria to accept offers of international assistance to find the schoolgirls.

When other countries did start to help, they didn’t get very far. The U.S. sent 80 troops in late May to coordinate an aerial search from neighboring Chad. Canada, France, Israel and the U.K. also sent special forces to Nigeria. But six weeks later, the Pentagon press secretary announced that the U.S. mission would be scaled back, saying: “We don’t have any better idea today than we did before about where these girls are.”

The troops are still in Chad and the U.S. has surveillance and reconnaissance flightslooking for the girls each week. U.S. officials have expressed concern about sharing intelligence on Boko Haram given the Nigerian military’s poor human rights record.

Meanwhile, the girls’ hometown is still in danger

Residents in Chibok face the unrelenting threat of an attack by militants. In June, aBoko Haram offensive on nearby villages crept within three miles of the town where the girls were kidnapped.

Tragically, at least 11 parents of the kidnapped girls have been killed by militants or died of illness.

And Boko Haram violence rages on

Since April, Boko Haram claims to have taken over at least five towns in northeastern Nigeria, although the military says it has won some of these back. The militant group has also kidnapped at least three more smaller groups of girls as well as dozens ofboys and young men — some of whom were later rescued.

More than 2,100 people are reported to have been killed by Boko Haram since April 14, according to data from the Council on Foreign Relations. And during a span of 10 days in August, some 10,000 people were displaced by fighting in northeastern Nigeria.

Nigeria’s military has buckled under pressure…

Nigeria’s military appears ill-equipped to deal with the challenge. Complaining of a lack of weapons, at least 40 Nigerian soldiers reportedly refused orders to fight Boko Haram in August. And during recent attacks by Boko Haram in border towns, at least 600 Nigerian soldiers reportedly fled to Cameroon. The army claimed that some of the troops were performing a tactical maneuver.

…And been accused of grave human rights abuses

Nigeria’s security forces and state-sponsored militias have long been accused of horrific abuses, including kidnappings, torture and extrajudicial killings. Following the government’s most recent crackdown on Boko Haram, evidence has emerged that authorities have tortured and killed countless civilians accused of being connected to the militant group.

Meanwhile Nigeria worries about its image problem.

Nigeria’s government paid a Washington public relations firm more than $1.2 million to change the media narrative surrounding the schoolgirls’ abduction, according to a June report by The Hill.


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Spare the Rod…

adrian peterson

Spoil the child?

I have long angered religion/biblical enthusiasts with my interpretation: you (should) spare the rod and therefore spoil the child. Imagine that! I don’t think that spoiling is wrong; in my opinion, children should be cherished. What I do not promote is spoiling them to a point that they become “rotten” and do not learn to appreciate what is given and shared. That said, I do not want to get too off topic.

Child abuse. NFL halfback Adrian Peterson. Peterson has been indicted on a charge of reckless or negligent injury to a child and faces up to two years in prison and a $10,000 fine if found guilty. Over the summer, he disciplined his 4-year-old son by spanking him with a wooden switch/ tree branch (it is unclear) that reportedly left scars, open wounds and welts. Pictures circulated that I have not seen and I have not looked for them because I don’t want to see them.

Peterson was reinstated by the Vikings earlier today…it’s a family issue, let the courts decide. I’m sure that there are many fans who do not give a damn as long as kick-off is on time. Some have called it a “teachable moment.” Others believe that it is a cultural/generational difference dependent upon how you were raised. So how do we feel about it?

This is the third NFL-related post that I have made in the last month. I DON’T EVEN WATCH FOOTBALL. But these players have made themselves targets, more so than usual.


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Taxation Without Representation

Today will be the first Senate hearing for DC Statehood since 1993. DC’s Mayor and non-voting delegate, Eleanor Holmes-Norton, are stepping up to the plate in hopes that the Nation’s Capital could receive home-rule.

From the outside looking in, people do not understand what a big deal this is…however, I do not anticipate a different outcome. 😦

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A Day of Remembrance.

If you were teaching a history class, what would you say to the kids who were not born yet when 9/11 occurred? What, in your opinion, is the chief lesson of that day?


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Hit the Road, Ray

If you saw the video, you know why.

Ray Rice was released by the Baltimore Ravens today and suspended by the NFL indefinitely. A video surfaced from TMZ showing he and his now-wife in an elevator: them fighting, him knocking her unconscious and then carrying her out. I don’t understand how you marry someone after that…

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Invest in Girls



NFL Is Making… History


I am not a football fan- at all. But, there is much afoot at the National Football League.

First Commissioner Goodell tried to make it right by toughening the domestic violence policy, and rightly so. Any NFL employee — not only a player — who is found to have engaged in assault, battery, domestic violence or sexual assault that involved physical force will be suspended without pay for six games for a first offense. Second-time offenders will be banished from the league for at least one year. Then it immediately gets tested by San Francisco defensive tackle Ray McDonald…stay tuned. THEN, Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay is punished for his misconduct (but not harsh enough to satisfy NFL players). His Twitter account (has been eerily silent.

But hold on…the NFL is not known to disappoint. The buzz todayis around Michael Sam being signed to the Dallas Cowboys’ practice squad. Sam was drafted and played for the St. Louis Rams for a second before getting released. In case you missed it, Sam is openly gay and everyone is interested. So what. Let his talent speak for him.

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What’s In a Name? From Jose’ to Joe


I had to drop a letter to get a title.

-Jose Zamora

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