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Everyone Has God


Yesterday during my evening commute, I was on the phone with my significant other. He was talking about many of the youth today and he said they were “Godless.” He then made some scriptural reference which landed me out of my depth; I have not studied religious texts in at least 20 years.

I listened as he made his point,  then I said, “I would never call anyone Godless, say they don’t have a relationship with God.” He concurred stating that people do have God, something that they worship. That would be the an idol and not what I meant. I left it alone because it was a point tangential to what he was trying to say. However,  we must revisit the conversation soon because it is an important one.

I need for him to know what I believe. And need to know that there we share some ideology around it. Everyone has God. God is a part of all of us, within us. Perhaps we haven’t connected with God and as children were necer taught to. But to label someone as Godless is, in my eyes, the cruelest description you can bestow. There are some that I believe fit in this category who seem driven by an indescribable evil but not a large segment of our youth. They are lost and need to understand who they are, tap into their purpose and know they are indeed a child of God.

Holla if you hear me!

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No Tips Necessary

No Tip Restaurant

A new Philly restaurant is doing something virtually unheard of… compensating its wait staff fairly. Girard Brasserie and Bruncherie is paying $13/hr plus vacation, sick and health insurance. What’s the catch? Co-owner, Brian Oliveira, is willing to make less money, in order to have happy employees. Now there’s some food for thought.

Next time I’m in Philly visiting my daughter, I’m going to patronize this new establishment and shake his hand.

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For Sale: A Mother’s Milk


This is the oddest story that I’ve heard in a long while.

A company, Medolac Laboratories, is looking to pay African-American, lactating mothers in Detroit for their breast milk. Apparently, this would be the pilot for a program that is slated to go nation-wide. First, I think it’s kind of gross for a mother to give their child someone else’s breast milk; although wet nurses were once all the rage for the affluent…

An open letter has emerged penned by BMBFA and signed by numerous women’s advocacy groups. At issue is the fact that information has not been disseminated regarding the plan for said milk. The letter is simply asking for answers to questions and/or a community meeting.

I nursed both of my children, however I still find this “plan” weird. Thoughts?

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Happy 86th Birthday!

A new generation of young people are understanding the importance of his leadership in a new, tangible way. Thank God!



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Generalist or Specialist


As a former consultant and entrepreneur at heart, I really appreciate this article. I had to answer this question myself a few years ago as I weathered the peaks and valleys of self-employment.

I was a truly a generalist having worked for many small companies and nonprofits while donning many hats BUT as a consultant, I tended to market myself as a specialist. And I was, having kept ahead of certain trends and skills sharp in areas such as social media management and website content creation and management. AND, I thought generalist had a negative connotation… To throw in another twist, I had small clients to whom the generalist title resonated. What to do? How to self-market?

Alas, as they say hindsight is blah, blah, blah… I kind of knotted myself into a pretzel which compounded by an economy that was still limping and clients who paid when (and if) they wanted, I made the switch to a “traditional” career path. But be clear, I have not abandoned my heart’s desire- just put in on the shelf. 🙂

So as you dust off that resume in this new year, ask yourself (and answer) this question: am I a generalist or a specialist?



Top 10 for 2014


I haven’t done this in a while, but everyone loves a Top 10, so I thought I’d oblige. Personally, I’m looking forward to 2015 because 2014 has been awesome for me! For anyone who is going through a rough time, be encouraged! Know that it is only a season and it will pass.

These are the top posts, as far as you are concerned!

10. Top 10 Reasons Why 2011 Sucked – Okay…I was in a place when I penned this post…

9. Fruitvale Station – No surprise that this made it with the last five months we’ve had. I’m looking for the corner, so that we can all turn it.

8. 100 Days – Civil disobedience…I love it! Approaching his birthday, guess who else would have loved it…(hint: January 15th)

7. Spare the Rod – WHOA!!!!! I got in trouble for this one. A mother didn’t like my opinion and yelled at me… How dare I share my opinion on my blog…

6. Turkeys Are Done – This is dedicated to all my breast cancer survivors and to those who lost the battle. Together we WILL Save the Tatas!

5. Rant: Bring Back Our Girls – And they are still gone…WTF!!!

4. Family Tattoo – Y’all know how much I love POTUS and the first fam. How much more regular can you be not wanting your daughters to get tatted up!!!!

3. Orange – This one surprised me. There must be some fellow “artistics” in the house!

2. RIP Mike Brown – The jury is NOT still out on this…no indictment. Let’s see if the Feds can do any better. Either way, this makes me sad and bone tired…but, I am inspired that so many, especially the young, are showing their outrage. Let’s keep on it and make some demands.

Drum roll please!!!

And the top post of 2014….

1. New Rules for Women in Combat – I must have some service members and/or families following my blog! I am honored and thank you for your sacrifice. It makes me feel good that an older post still gets so many views. A virtual salute to you.

#BringBackOurGirls #MikeBrown #HandsUpDontShoot #policebrutality #veterans #SaveTheTatas


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