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No Repeat Performances


I recently mustered the courage to watch 12 Years a Slave the other night. I never made it to the theater after repeated postponements and taped it on the DVR a few months ago. Excellent movie, but I will not watch it again. My daughter came downstairs as I was watching it. After catching a glimpse of a scene, she confirmed what movie it was and scurried back upstairs. She saw it at the movies; no repeat performance for her either. So I’ve added it to my list. Great movies, but I will never watch them again.

  1. Boys Don’t Cry
  2. Million Dollar Baby
  3. Rosewood
  4. Hotel Rwanda
  5. Boy in the Striped Pajamas

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Who Is Robin’s Publicist?


Growing up, I was a Hall of Justice girl. Wonder Woman was the ultimate with her invisible jet, fashionable cuff bracelets and cute crime-fighting outfit. Wonder Twins came in a distant second.

I am two generations post comic books so I don’t recall when I was first introduced to Batman and Robin. I found them very boring and dare I say it, Robin was just plain sad. A sidekick in yellow tights without superpowers.

Fast forward a few decades. My son’s FAVORITE show is Teen Titans Go. The premise: five teen-age superheroes who live in a tower and fight crime. You’ll never guess who their fearless leader is- a teenage Robin. He is cool, somewhat annoying, but respected by the Titans. And my son loves him. So much so that he and his friends fight over who will be Robin while playing the 4th iteration of Lego Batman. Let me be clear: they don’t want to be Batman.

Next, there will be a Marvel blockbuster for Robin. It’s coming…

Which brings me back to the beginning. Is it Olivia Pope? Judy Smith? Whomever it is, they have successfully revived his career.

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Happy Mothers’ Day


So after I ate my annual Mothers’ Day breakfast-in-bed courtesy of my daughter, I lazily watched my favorite: home renovation tv.

Just in time for Mothers’ Day, I stumbled upon Two Chicks and a Hammer. It is a new home rehab show featuring a mom and daughter duo in Indy. Karen and Mina rehabilitate devastated homes (17 in their town) and now they’ve moved on to the next town.

They are super cute. I could NOT work with my mom, but it works for them. And I loooove seeing women who are proficient with power tools. They are literally breaking down walls that still define gender roles! Love it.

Check them out on HGTV



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Do As I Say, Not As I Do!

Logo Family Final

Why is following my own professional advice so HARD?!?

I have a girlfriend/colleague who incorporated her nonprofit a few months ago, Empowering Single Moms, Inc. and is having a launch event on May 16. We’ve been friends since college and this has been her vision for a long time; it is so exciting to witness it coming to fruition!

With that said, I have been working at warp speed trying to teach her about the critical importance of branding, PR and media relations.  This is what happens when your client/sista girl pulls you in after-the-fact and doesn’t have a communications plan…don’t get me started.

Anyway, I sent her a quick and dirty task list on Monday to get her to the launch event, including roles, deadlines and notes. After work (yes, we are hybrids: both have 9 to 5s) I gave her a “social media for your biz” crash course via phone while she was in the barbershop with her sons. After hanging up, I heard my voice ringing in my ears: “Keep your Twitter fresh!” “Is your Twitter linked to your Facebook page?” “Have you invited your friends and colleagues to follow you?” Sigh…a long one.

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