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That Pesky “N-word”


It’s not just a matter of it not being polite to say nigger in public.

Damn right he said it! POTUS Maximus has had it. I have had it! A young, white man sat in a church – at Bible Study no less – for an hour, then kills nine of the participants because they are Black. And people want to pretend that this country has no problem with racism.

Now everyone wants to talk about that instead of the issue at hand. Be lucky that’s all he said! He probably still has bite marks on his tongue…



Keep Doing What You’re Doing


Happy Father’s Day!

You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to be there! To all the fathers, uncles, grandfathers, cousins, brothers and mothers who are helping to guide and raise our children to be secure, happy and productive, thank you. It takes a village.


Be Soft. Be Strong.

As a single mom and the daughter of a single mom, I get it. This is not everyone’s story, but it is the soundtrack for the lives of many American children. There are many mothers doing the work of both parents and not by choice. For that reason, I think some men’s groups are missing the point and taking offense. This is not for you… it is for the children (and adults) who have mom to thank for raising them.





The Blahs


I have neglected my blog for sometime now. Every time I think about posting, I feel overwhelmed. Perhaps it’s the off-again-on-again rainy weather…or maybe it’s that I am wishing that I was back in Montego Bay… or maybe it’s because the world is crazier than ever… Whatever it is, don’t hold it against me. I’m working my way out of this funk!

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