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It Ain’t About Balance


The issues of working moms, working vs staying at home, worklife balance were debated to death when I worked at an organization representing working women and families. As a working AND single mom, I finally came to the conclusion that there was no such thing as balance and one should not seek it. Now as an entrepreneur, I take that to the second power!

I love this article because not only am I reminded that I’m not alone, I truly believe that as a working parent, you have to live your life and worry about the rest later.



The Repeat Test


Invest a few minutes to avoid time-wasting activities in your day. Step 1: List numbers representing your waking hour up to the hour that you will go to bed. I’m gonna try it…hopefully no patterns of timesucks arise. Let me know if you see a change!

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If We Ruled the World


Things would be verydifferent…

But as I wake from my reverie, I am warmed by the news that a woman will direct the secret service. WOAH!!!!

And she needs no confirmation. Julia Pierson previously served as Sullivan’s chief of staff and has 30 years of experience. Perhaps she can address some issues that seem to have plagued the agency for years.

Now steer clear of the male escorts…

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Orange Is the New Black


I had never heard of Piper Kerman, a fresh-faced blond, until recently. And why would I? Kerman was arrested for smuggling drug money from Chicago to Brussels, ten years after the fact…ahhhh to be young and stupid. She plea bargained and manuevered only 1 year of prison time. Her memoir, Orange Is the New Black has been picked up by Showtime as inspiration for a mini-series.

Meanwhile Kerman has a few insights from lockdown that can be applied to the workplace. Talk about transferrable skills. I’m an avid reader so I may pick up her memoirs today. Should be a good read.

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The 25 Best Jobs of 2013


The best of the bunch according to US News & World Report. A graphic presentation of top careers for the coming year.

Only three of the top careers is not IT or health-related. Sixteen focused on some aspect of health (one that of animals).

1. Dentist
2. RN
3. Pharmacist
4. Computer Systems Analyst
5. Physician

¡Ay, que lastima! Writer/PR professional was absent…

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Holiday Songs to Improve Your PR Savvy


Let holiday favorites improve your PR know-how.

Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer Good leaders let everyone shine and contribute.

Santa Claus is Coming to Town Double-check your lists.

Frosty the SnowmanGet ahead of a crisis.

Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer Foresee the unforeseeable.

Twelve Days of Christmas Manage expectations. Don’t overpromise a client.

Merry PRing!

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13 Tips to Improve Your Focus


Which can be very handy for the self-employed… but could benefit all! 😉

We know how much I love a good list. And I really like this one! Many of these could prove effective for work-a-holics as well.

PS I’m taking the liberty of changing the bonus to Homeland.


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