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Would You Like a Gun With That?


Chick-fil-a has instituted a no-gun policy for its chain of eating establishments. Other than law enforcement, you can not pack heat when you order the golden nuggets of goodness. You know I’m all for it!

Last year, Starbucks instituted a similar policy.


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My Pleasure


My love-affair with Chick-fil-a is well-documented. But beyond those addictive nuggets is the level of customer service. Where do they find these people?!? What they deliver can not be taught.

This morning I stopped more for coffee than anything and was met by Gloria. She had a bright smile and lilting voice that could melt your heart; everyone served after me left smiling. She reminded me of Mandy Moore’s character in A Walk to Remember. Anyway, the speed and service that Chick offers is second to none in the fast food biz and rivals many swanky establishments.

When they say, “it’s my pleasure,” you truly believe that it is.

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Ode to Golden Nuggets of Goodness


Oh the clever cow!
The sweettangy of the golden nuggets of goodness-
How the balance of moist and crispy is so perfect!
And the unbelievable elixir that is lemonade, so crisp and sweet,
I have joked to many that it undoubtedly is opiate laced.
We respectfully recognize your day of rest,
Anxiously awaiting another day of sinful shakes.

How could something so beautiful
Become so ugly?
Not that I have illusions,
That others do not share your unapologetic bigotry
But it saddens me so
And my heart is heavy…
Chick-fil-A, why did the perfect savory bite
Become laden by politics and unequality?

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