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Interview Q&A

Don’t get tripped up by that interviewer…

I know this is everyone’s favorite topic! You’ve studied the wesbite, the leaders in the company, their policies/financials/programming, social media channels,¬†policy positions, events – you are well prepared. You leave early, giving yourself plenty of time to get there. You’re wearing the perfect suit and shoes, portfolio in hand (for some us).

As you sit in the lobby, you begin to feel very warm and wonder if it’s just you. A glass of water would be great right now. FOCUS, you tell yourself. Then, they call you back into the conference room.

As your heart begins to flutter, you say “I got this.” I have great experience and credentials. Then, the questions begin. If it’s a group interview, it can feel like a firing squad. Here are a few bullets (questions) that are bound to be fired your direction.

  1. What is your biggest weakness?
  2. What are your salary requirements?
  3. Where do you see yourself in five years?
  4. Why did you leave your last job? or Why are you looking?

Those were the questions, here are some answers- well, sort of…

Good luck.

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You’re Hired!


American unemployment is at its lowest level since April 2008. This is one of the indicators used to show the status of the economy.

Who’s getting hired? Women as well as men, in industries they might not have considered before. And guess who else…older workers. So a recession has had a positive hiring affect on this experienced group: more experience (esp. more than 15years), better customer service, more apt to stay put and take less sick days.

Which positions pay enough to support a family? IT and healthcare.

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The Reality of the Situation


Ward 8 in Washington DC has the highest unemployment rate in the city. This should not be news to anyone who gives a damn. It is usually (one of) the highest in everything: violence, HIV infections, illiteracy. So to hear that there is a 25.2% unemployment rate in my Ward is no surprise.

At the same, almost daily it seems, a new “reality” show is introduced. Most are centered around the most trivial and ridiculous personas I have ever seen. I am not a fan of this wave of television and am frankly digusted with it; apparently I am in the minority or the numbers wouldn’t be on the rise. My point? These shows are not about reality at all.

I’d like to see a show that is unscripted. A show that is about REALITY. Programming that would reflect the times in which we find ourselves. Let’s chronicle the unemployed, the homeless, students struggling to get a quality education…something, anything worthwhile. But, would anybody watch? More importantly, would anyone be courageous enough to air it?

I understand that the current reality craze are the equivalent of soap operas. It is actually a much-needed break from reality; an opportunity to focus on something so inane that we can forget for a little while. However, why can’t we take a real look at reality? Why can’t we reclaim this genre and do something good? Why not pay the unemployed thousands of dollars an episode rather than pseudo-reality stars?

I’m gonna have to reach out to some of my colleagues in the film genre and see who’s in. I’m game. Shining a bright light to change lives while restoring dignity with a paycheck on the side? Sounds like a win-win-win.



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