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Day Four: Filgrastim


It’s a good thing that I can post from my phone because pulling out the laptop seems overwhelming. I also used it to do some last-minute prep for another interview. I used the quiet time to review my portfolio and think of questions to ask.

Last night my mom brought over a roast chicken from Costco which I paired with rice and leftover cabbage for the kids. The Icyhot proved helpful again for the night. Diallo was not home until bathtime (thanks again Claire), so he was out like a light soon after.

I curled up to watch the American Music Awards with my teenage daughter- the only time I watch because it’s so fixed. Pink proved worth the wait, but my headache sent me to bed.

The headache did not subside and as I told the nurse today, I expected it to crack open during the interview. I’m glad to report, it did not (it went pretty well (all things considered). I came home to rest and receive another injection. But, this time I caved and she came with prescription pain meds. Ahhhhhhh! (That was the hallelujah chorus.) Not one for drugs, it did the trick. I just ate so that I can take another dose.

Tomorrow morning a car will pick me up to take me to the procedure. We’re in the home stretch kids…

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Day Three: Filagrastim


I did not go out last night. I thought I could do something light like dinner and a movie…NOT!

A pulsating dull ache awakened me during the night, so I’m tired. Thankfully a friend with a four year-old son had mercy on me and just picked up my son. I decided to eat cereal before the injection in case I lose my appetite.

Because I was more achy yesterday,my daughter went on a CVS run to get heated strips for my back and neck. Tylenol may as well be a placebo, but I don’t want a narcotic. Day 3 could be long.

Everyone responds differently to filgrastim: some have no issues at all and others are like me, I guess. There is nothing that I have experienced however that would change my decision to donate. This temporary discomfort is for the best cause.

So I will lie and down and watch Food Network for the day.

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Day Two: Filgrastim


I wake up feeling oogy but feel surprisingly better when I actually get up to fix my son breakfast. I smirk as I recall Sarah’s admonishment to take it easy.

“Let people wait on you. No cooking, dishes or vacuuming.”

After pancakes (microwaveable, thank you God), I fixed sauteed cabbage because it needs to be cooked or it will go bad and I will get my second injection in the next twenty minutes. I don’t know how I’ll feel.

After the injection (there are actually two) my mom finally checks in confirming that she will take Diallo to his inline skating class. Thank you!!!! I grab something for him to put on and go to the car to get his gear. She is running late and wants his stuff on sans skates, of course.

My girlfriend called this morning to check on me. She is in town and has been looking forward to taking me out for my birthday which was celebrated with Hurricane Sandy. Great. I want to go but my body does not. I am hopeful that I can get some rest and at least do dinner and one cocktail.

We’ll see.


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Day One: Filgrastim


So this morning, I had a job interview for which I had to juggle my first injection. Then, I raced across town and up the highway to the NIH campus.

As I was taking the exit, my son’s school called to inform me of his tummy ache. “I can’t reschedule this,” is what I’m thinking; the procedure is Tuesday. Thankfully, he will lay in the nurse’s office until I make it there. I aim for 1:30.

Fast forward to the injection. I get goodies since my early-morning granola bar has long worn off. Sarah and I chat about my interview and weekend plans. She gives me a kit for the nurse to continue injections in my home. I watch an episode of Sex and the City and I am excused.

It’s a good thing I picked him up early. About three hours post injection I am feeling oogy. My bones are achy, I’m tired and cranky. Coupled with my son’s complaints, I thought it would be a long night. However, my daughter and I got cozy to watch a women’s college volleyball match that I dvr’ed (her HS season just ended). Everyone fell asleep by 8:30.

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