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Real Talk: Gun Violence Is a Public Health Issue


Today MomsRising visited Senate Offices on the Hill with over 220,000 petition signatures, urging for gun violence to be deemed a public health issue. Why not?!? Nothing else has worked. Not a classroom full of dead kindergarteners, not continued violence on inner city streets, not campus shootings and certainly not public shootings in malls/movie theaters/day spas.

This position underscores that of U.S. Surgeon General hopeful, Dr. Vivek Murthy, because he, like many other doctors and associations, has said that gun violence is a “health care issue.”

Let me be clear: I heart MomsRising. I have worked with them in the past on many advocacy issues from paid sick leave to workplace policy and flexibility. And I’m a left-leaning Mom. 🙂

Stay tuned to see if David has any hope at defeating Goliath…


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Chipotle Says No Guns


Chipotle bans guns in its eateries. Dammit! Don’t misunderstand- I’m all for it. But how did I eff that up?! And I thought I was that much safer (or perception of being) in Chick-fil-a.


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Would You Like a Gun With That?


Chick-fil-a has instituted a no-gun policy for its chain of eating establishments. Other than law enforcement, you can not pack heat when you order the golden nuggets of goodness. You know I’m all for it!

Last year, Starbucks instituted a similar policy.


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