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The 25 Best Jobs of 2013


The best of the bunch according to US News & World Report. A graphic presentation of top careers for the coming year.

Only three of the top careers is not IT or health-related. Sixteen focused on some aspect of health (one that of animals).

1. Dentist
2. RN
3. Pharmacist
4. Computer Systems Analyst
5. Physician

¡Ay, que lastima! Writer/PR professional was absent…

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Work From Home No-nos


For the entreprenuer and telecommuter.

Flexibility is great. While it’s not for everyone, virtual working can be awesome. Workplaces that get it focus on work getting done. Increasingly, the workspace is becoming fluid. Take advantage of this great benefit.

For some, it takes getting used to, especially extroverts. 🙂 Some tips to keep you productive.


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Thank a Vet Today, Everyday


There are many ways to say thank you.

Say it. Speak the words, “Thank you.” It is necessary and humbling. It means that you support soldiers, veterans and their families, not war.

Advocate. Support legislation that will help with their successful transition into civilian life, assist them to secure rightful benefits and ensure that they have housing and employment.

Hire veterans. Encourage your employer to hire veterans. Think outside the box to consider this under-utilized talent pool. Most soldiers have valuable transferable skills, unparalleled work ethic and stellar leadership abilities.

Talk to your reps. Hold your Congressional  representatives accountable. Make sure they support/vote for and/or introduce legislation that supports veterans, soldiers and their families.

Educate yourself. There are many stereotypes about those who serve in our military. They are young, smart, diverse and committed.


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A First For Ole Miss

On October 13, Courtney Pearson made history. The 21 year-old is the first African American woman to be crowned as homecoming queen at the University of Mississippi. Pearson who won by only 110 votes, acknowledges that she does not fit the aesthetic stereotype. This is a milestone especially given the ugly comments that you will find posted to the online articles covering this story.

Pearson is excited to be an inspiration not only to young girls (she has a young sister) but to the elderly who can recall the university’s recent past. The University of Mississippi enrolled its first African American student only 50 years ago which was met with violent riots.

Pearson is a secondary English education major and plans to be a teacher. She serves on student government, is the university’s judicial chair, freshman orientation coordinator…the list goes on.

[To the right: Courtney’s father escorts her across the field.]

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iPhone 5?


Appsolutely…for many…  however the ongoing battle between Google and Apple finds the latest edition a few apps short. The Maps app is causing the biggest grumble.

When Apple pioneered the strategy of creating an all-inclusive product filled with proprietary content, it changed the digital game, everyone followed suit. What does this mean? For consumers, the battles are just beginning. Look to lose more apps and features on upcoming techtoys, no matter the brand.

So what is the verdict? Is it worth pre-ordering, standing in atrocious, never-ending lines? I’m a Droid girl myself… Too many Apple-toting colleagues emit more whining than exultation for me.

It’s thinner, faster, sleeker. Tell me what you think…

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What About the Children?

Chicago teachers are in the third day of their strike. Meanwhile, what happens to the students?

Teachers are reportedly striking for better pay and smaller class size. They have been speaking to parents about ongoing problems to gain support, but I wonder how long this support can be sustained. I have not followed the story since the beginning, but I wonder- school just started, could this not have been addressed before the year began? I suppose it would not have the same impact since the kids are missing school…

I do not minimize the issues that the teachers claim; I know of similar issues in DC schools. They cite classrooms that are stifling hot without air conditioning, important books that are unavailable and insufficient supplies of the basics, such as toilet paper. It’s just that, at the end of the day, the kids always suffer. Our kids can not afford to miss days (possibly weeks) of instruction.

I maintain that the issues that plague this country’s public school system can be fixed if students were truly the priority. Levels of administrators as well as local and federal politics continue to clog any inch of progress. All the brilliant minds in the U.S. not to mention promising models put forth by school districts that dot the nation, you can’t tell me that we can’t figure out how to give our kids the type of education that they deserve. All the tax money, the bright young and committed teachers, our dismal placement on the global education stage- why can’t it happen?!?

I have several friends and colleagues who are teachers. I respect them immensely for their passion and dedication to our children. They are frustrated by the challenges but choose to focus on the possibilities. They also maintain that the system could be fixed if everyone truly wanted our children to excel.

I thought our global descent in the areas of mathematics, science, research and technology would have been the catalyst. What will it take?

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Not a Burrito Fan


(Gotta love the tagline…)

I have seen the ridiculous lines snaking out of Chipotle, especially when I worked in downtown, DC. I don’t like burritos and the layered bowls so I never understood. But I thought the rounding up (or down) practice was interesting

Chipotle lovers, what say you?!??

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GOTV, Facebook Style

Washington State has upped the anty. Not only can you register to vote online (available since 2008), starting next week you can register to vote via Facebook. Since 2008, 475,000 WA voters have registered and/or updated their addresses online. Okay, but with the added Facebook twist, how is it verified?

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Attention: Working Moms…

These are the best jobs for you, according to

In a previous professional life, I worked with an organization that did much research and lobbying on the topic of work-life balance and related issues, so I know a bit about it. With that being said, this listing takes work-life balance into consideration, although I don’t believe there is such a thing; I have decided that as a professional you must constantly adjust and revisit your priorities.

Unfortunately, writer or PR professional did not make the cut…oh, well. FYI – dental hygienist and acupuncturist are at the top.



Gen Y, Again?

In a former position, we spent a lot of time convincing companies that Gen Y workers were an untapped talent pool– even dedicated research dollars to prove it… and it’s still up for debate apparently. Oh, what to do with Gen Y?!? Hire them. Teach them. Respect them as prior generations respected you. Do professionals forget that they were once 20 year-olds and their elders took issue with their differences? Give me a break!

I stumbled across this Forbes article that I enjoyed which speaks directly to the Gen Y/ Millennial professional.

So it’s time to own up and embrace the very thing that differentiates you. You can’t hide your age. It’s written on your face. Here’s how to flip the stereotypes and make your youth an indispensable asset.

1. You are experienced.

2. You’re untethered and flexible.

3. You’re energetic.

4. You are uniquely tapped into a key demographic.

5. Status quo is boring. Innovation is it.

6. You’re adaptable and willing to learn.

7. You’re comfortable with technology and willing to teach.

8. Multi-tasking is breathing with your eyes open.

9. You’re collaborative by training.

10. This is more than just a paycheck.

Kara would love this. 🙂

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