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Thoughts On Love


This morning my five year-old burst into my room to give me a kiss before he made a beeline to the flat screen.

As he kissed my cheek, he asked, “do kisses go straight to your heart?”

I said, “Yes.”

“Why? Because your heart is filled with love?”

I sleepily nodded.

“What happens if it breaks?…your heart?”

I opened my eyes. Now there’s a question.

“Do all of the pretty things come out?” He waited.

I paused to consider this at 7am. “Your heart can mend, it can be fixed.”

He nodded. “I don’t want mine to break.”

Neither do I, I thought as he scurried off the bed.

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I found my muse.
It was buried under layers
Of denial,
Working long hours and not leaving
Time for me.
My words tumble from my soul.
Words of joy, love, sorrow and hope.
Wanting to be near you,
In your space
Breathing the air that you breathe.

Unwilling to fight for control of my emotions
My words race across the page,
Singing songs of bliss and freedom.
I want to shout and tell everyone!
I want to keep this sweetness
To myself, to savor

You underestimate the magnitude
Of my words,
My thoughts,
My passion for you.
They are interwoven with the marrow
Of my bones,
The follicles of my hair…
You are a part of me.

My tears, disappointments
And orgasms were preordained and
Waiting for your divine entrance.
I crave your taste
And embrace
That will again complete me.
Far beyond the pleasure that we create,
I am spellbound by you.
As I write,
I am awestruck
That we have not scratched the Surface.

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People tell me that I am always writing about love. Always, always love. I nod, yes, but it isn’t true – not exactly. In fact, I am always writing about betrayal. Love is the weather. Betrayal is the lightning that cleaves and reveals it.

– Toni Morrison

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