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NFL Is Making… History


I am not a football fan- at all. But, there is much afoot at the National Football League.

First Commissioner Goodell tried to make it right by toughening the domestic violence policy, and rightly so. Any NFL employee — not only a player — who is found to have engaged in assault, battery, domestic violence or sexual assault that involved physical force will be suspended without pay for six games for a first offense. Second-time offenders will be banished from the league for at least one year. Then it immediately gets tested by San Francisco defensive tackle Ray McDonald…stay tuned. THEN, Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay is punished for his misconduct (but not harsh enough to satisfy NFL players). His Twitter account (has been eerily silent.

But hold on…the NFL is not known to disappoint. The buzz todayis around Michael Sam being signed to the Dallas Cowboys’ practice squad. Sam was drafted and played for the St. Louis Rams for a second before getting released. In case you missed it, Sam is openly gay and everyone is interested. So what. Let his talent speak for him.

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The Kiss Felt Around the World


No matter how you feel about it,
there is a bigger picture to consider.

I admittedly shielded the screen from my six year-old as I pulled up this footage; I did it only because he’s six and not ready for discussions about any type of sexuality. Had it been my 17 year-old, we would have had a lively debate as to whether it was a smart move (put on today’s to-do list). I see the pros and cons of such a public display, but it’s done. Cue the bigotry.

Sports has always served as a means of breaking barriers providing a universal platform for athletes. This morning, a commentator asked this question: all of the sports voices issuing comments that denounce Donald Sterling, shouldn’t they be loudly supporting Michael Sam?


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