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Oh Sweet Irony


I don’t think she was being ironic. I’m not sure what the hell she was doing…Madonna, in her DC Concert.

Yes I know Obama is not a Muslim…And what if he were? The point I was making is that a good man is a good man no matter who he prays to.

Sounds shaky and I hope it does not backfire. However, she made my point. Who cares if he is Muslim, Jewish or Christian as long as he is tolerant of all religions. A point which eludes those who swear he is Muslim. What is the origin of this supposed secret religious allegiance? His name? His heritage? Why not believe that he is Christian?

It shouldn’t matter, especially in this country. Unless… you equate Islam with the stereotypes of terrorists and extremists. Islam is the most practiced religion around the world. It is a beautiful religion with a lyrical holy book, the Q’uran. There are sects of the religion that have different interpretations- as with any religion- including some extremists.

Correct me if I’m wrong. I thought the colonists fled to America to practice freedom, particularly with regard to religion.

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Another First for POTUS Maximus

In case you missed it, have been under a rock or otherwise preoccupied, on Wednesday, President Obama became the first in-office President to support same-sex marriage. As “Gina” would say, “you betta go BOY!!!!”

Now, was this political posturing, a heart-felt admission, a combination of both? I don’t know, but whatever, it was brave…and it was time. I haven’t followed the inevitable chaotic reaction that followed, but I hear that the opinions are extreme. As my 15 year-old daughter said yesterday during our morning commute, “who cares, let people live their lives. Why do church people think they get to judge others?” So there you have it folks.

I think we all can relate to the “evolution” that Obama spoke about. I have had many of my own during my life’s journey and will surely have many more. I can think back to a time when I was young and close-minded on this very topic. It took me growing up, seeing the world and forming my own opinions for them to actually change.

I am hopeful that the “angry people” do not blindly make decisions in November that will send this country in the wrong direction. Life is tough enough and we don’t need to encourage ignorance. Lord knows I’ve experienced my fair share.



Metro’s Politics


We should all rest assured- the sign at Clarendon metro station will come down at the end of the contract, March 11.

Wow…so if you are willing to pay Metro for the ad space, you can say whatever you want…freedom of speech and all of that.

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