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Top 10 for 2014


I haven’t done this in a while, but everyone loves a Top 10, so I thought I’d oblige. Personally, I’m looking forward to 2015 because 2014 has been awesome for me! For anyone who is going through a rough time, be encouraged! Know that it is only a season and it will pass.

These are the top posts, as far as you are concerned!

10. Top 10 Reasons Why 2011 Sucked – Okay…I was in a place when I penned this post…

9. Fruitvale Station – No surprise that this made it with the last five months we’ve had. I’m looking for the corner, so that we can all turn it.

8. 100 Days – Civil disobedience…I love it! Approaching his birthday, guess who else would have loved it…(hint: January 15th)

7. Spare the Rod – WHOA!!!!! I got in trouble for this one. A mother didn’t like my opinion and yelled at me… How dare I share my opinion on my blog…

6. Turkeys Are Done – This is dedicated to all my breast cancer survivors and to those who lost the battle. Together we WILL Save the Tatas!

5. Rant: Bring Back Our Girls – And they are still gone…WTF!!!

4. Family Tattoo – Y’all know how much I love POTUS and the first fam. How much more regular can you be not wanting your daughters to get tatted up!!!!

3. Orange – This one surprised me. There must be some fellow “artistics” in the house!

2. RIP Mike Brown – The jury is NOT still out on this…no indictment. Let’s see if the Feds can do any better. Either way, this makes me sad and bone tired…but, I am inspired that so many, especially the young, are showing their outrage. Let’s keep on it and make some demands.

Drum roll please!!!

And the top post of 2014….

1. New Rules for Women in Combat – I must have some service members and/or families following my blog! I am honored and thank you for your sacrifice. It makes me feel good that an older post still gets so many views. A virtual salute to you.

#BringBackOurGirls #MikeBrown #HandsUpDontShoot #policebrutality #veterans #SaveTheTatas


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Fruitvale Station


You know how it ends, but you wish that you could somehow change history…yeah… That’s how I felt leaving the theater today after a matinee showing of Fruitvale Station. It depicts the untimely death of Oscar Julius Grant, III on New Year’s Eve 2008 in Oakland, Calif.

I remember when it actually happened but at first the story was vague. I didn’t follow the story feeling like I knew the outcome,  had seen it many times before. It only gained attention because there was cell phone video phootage (thank God for technological advances!) of “the incident,” which opens the movie.

If you don’t know the story,  research it. If you haven’t seen the movie, you should. It stars Michael B. Jordan, a talented young actor who is finally garnering attention. Produced by Forest Whitaker and co-executive produced by Octavia Spencer of The Help fame, who plays Grant’s mother.

As the credits rolled, you could hear sniffles; people did not move from theur seats.

There is still a lot of work to be done…

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