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A Fallen Hero?

As his bail hearing continues in South Africa, <a href=””&gt; Oscar Pistorius’s</a> chances are bleak, but not compared to those of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, whose life was cut short.

Early on Valentine’s Day, Pistorius shot and killed his girlfriend in his home, reportedly mistaking her for an intruder. When I first heard the story, I thought (like most) what a horrible tragedy…but as details surface, it’s not looking good…

Questions have bubbled up that challenge the Olympian’s story, begging the ultimate question: was this murder or an accidental homicide?

  1. Were the shots fired from a downward angle suggesting that his legs were attached (does not support his account) or from a lower position?
  2. Was there an hour of arguing or no argument? A possible witness claims to have heard non-stop arguing from 2-3am, however accounts question whether what could actually be heard 600 meters away.
  3. Lights on or off? It is reported that lights may have been on which again does not support being awakened by an intruder.
  4. What was the position of the victim? A police report says she was crouching in a fetal/defensive position.
  5. Were there steriods found or herbal supplements? This would suggest that the prosecution is going to insert “steroid rage” into its case.

Reeva’s brother gave a statement remarking that they were not thinking about Oscar’s case but rather concentrating on Reeva and their family. Pistorius is considered a flight risk and therefore should not make bail considering the crime, but stranger things have definitely happened.

I just remember the inspiration and happiness felt as my daughter and I watched him compete last summer, a hard-fought victory…

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Blade Runner


After making history as the first double-amputee in Olympic competition, Oscar Pistorius has accomplished another milestone. Pistorius will run any leg of the 4×400 relay next week; officials were concerned about the safety of the other runners if he ran any other than the lead. Known as a slow starter, the determined South African athlete contested the decision and has won.

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