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Be the Match

I found this draft post from 2015.


About two weeks ago, I received devastating news. It’s taken me this long to process it and finally, share. I learned that my teen-aged stem cell recipient died. She rallied after a year which is an important milestone for transplant recipients. She was even able to return home and resume normal activities, so we were extremely hopeful. About six months later, she was hospitalized with respiratory issues and I stopped receiving updates.

I’ve thought a lot about the upside, the silver lining if there is one to find. Here’s what I have:

  1. Health: Protect it. Be thankful for good health.
  2. Life: LIVE it…seriously.
  3. Children: If you have them, cherish them. To lose one must be unbearable.
  4. Donate: Time, blood, organs, marrow if you are able to do so.
  5. Share: We can not make it alone. If you have something to give someone else, please do it.
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Become a Donor

Some may recall that in November 2012, I donated stem cells to a 12 year-old with leukemia. I found out that she was recently hospitalized with a respiratory issue and is still there. So, send your well wishes,  positive energy,  prayers whatever you can spare her way.

My donor coordinator reminded me that it has been well over a year so the transplant was successful- this is just a setback. I just want her to return to sone normalcy.

Save a life. Donate.

If you’re too afraid to be a living donor, be an organ donor (you won’t need them anymore). Or donate blood.

We all need to see beyond ourselves and help someone.

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A Small Sacrifice


Are you a bone marrow donor?

If you are in good health, you should be. It could literally save someone’s life. Donors are always needed, especially for under-represented races such as African Americans and Latinos. And matches are more common within the same race.

I registered to be a donor as a college student but did not become a match until I was almost 40. I donated stem cells in November to a 12 year-old girl with leukemia. To date, she has engrafted- my cells are now working in her body. We still won’t know the outcome for some time, but this is promising.

There are two ways to donate: bone marrow extraction (surgical) and PBSC (non surgical). It is an easy procedure for the donor and such a small sacrifice with a big return. I had some discomfort from the medication that I took for five days leading up to the actual donation (like the flu); other than that, it was painless.

When I received the letter saying that I was a possible match, my eyes teared up. There was no question as to whether I would do it. To be a match to a non-relative is a miracle. And I thought of my children- what if they needed marrow, blood, an organ and I couldn’t give it to them? What if their life depended on the compassion of a stranger? I would hope that someone could answer my prayer.

Register now at

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Good News!

stem_cell_fig1I just received an update regarding my stem cell recipient. She has engrafted (my cells are making new, healthy cells for her), is recovering well and should be discharged from the hospital soon. She has experienced some level of graft versus host disease Рinitial incompatability of her cells and mine- but this was anticipated.

This has made my 2013 that much better! Keep her in your thoughts and prayers so that she keeps healing!

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Day Two: Filgrastim


I wake up feeling oogy but feel surprisingly better when I actually get up to fix my son breakfast. I smirk as I recall Sarah’s admonishment to take it easy.

“Let people wait on you. No cooking, dishes or vacuuming.”

After pancakes (microwaveable, thank you God), I fixed sauteed cabbage because it needs to be cooked or it will go bad and I will get my second injection in the next twenty minutes. I don’t know how I’ll feel.

After the injection (there are actually two) my mom finally checks in confirming that she will take Diallo to his inline skating class. Thank you!!!! I grab something for him to put on and go to the car to get his gear. She is running late and wants his stuff on sans skates, of course.

My girlfriend called this morning to check on me. She is in town and has been looking forward to taking me out for my birthday which was celebrated with Hurricane Sandy. Great. I want to go but my body does not. I am hopeful that I can get some rest and at least do dinner and one cocktail.

We’ll see.


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