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Papal Cheat Sheet


I was raised and baptized into Catholicism, but have not been a practicing Catholic in over 20 years,for many reasons. However, I can not help but raise an eyebrow when Catholicism makes the news which, in the last decade, has been too often. With a Papal resignation, the world is buzzing about succession. Who will be the next Pope?

I honestly have not dedicated much time to this event, but am curious. My number one question is what was their stance regarding the rampid pedaphilia that scandalized the faith…I’m hopeful others are interested as well…

With that said, a quick and dirty summation.
• There are three men of color which surprised me (Nigeria, Ghana, Sri Lanka).
• Three candidates have the capacity to bridge the chasm between Islam and westetn faiths (which I think is kinda critical).
• One could potentially reach younger generations with his penchant for tweeting and pop culture knowledge.
• A few have global appeal which is key for future growth.

Just my thoughts. What are yours?

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Oh Sweet Irony


I don’t think she was being ironic. I’m not sure what the hell she was doing…Madonna, in her DC Concert.

Yes I know Obama is not a Muslim…And what if he were? The point I was making is that a good man is a good man no matter who he prays to.

Sounds shaky and I hope it does not backfire. However, she made my point. Who cares if he is Muslim, Jewish or Christian as long as he is tolerant of all religions. A point which eludes those who swear he is Muslim. What is the origin of this supposed secret religious allegiance? His name? His heritage? Why not believe that he is Christian?

It shouldn’t matter, especially in this country. Unless… you equate Islam with the stereotypes of terrorists and extremists. Islam is the most practiced religion around the world. It is a beautiful religion with a lyrical holy book, the Q’uran. There are sects of the religion that have different interpretations- as with any religion- including some extremists.

Correct me if I’m wrong. I thought the colonists fled to America to practice freedom, particularly with regard to religion.

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All This Over a Movie

All of the trash that has been produced by Hollywood over the years and this one has set off a literal firestorm.

I do not minimize the hurt and anger felt by many Muslims. A person’s religion and faith should be respected- too many times people, especially Americans, are far too careless with this. The irony of the “melting pot.” World history is fraught with wars over religion. However, we must find a way to COMMUNICATE and respect one another. This morning Maya Angelou raised the question: suppose someone made a film denigrating Jesus, showing him performing sexual acts- how would Christians react?

There are currently protests in 11 middle eastern countries against the U.S. impacting embassies across the globe. I applaud our Secretary of State for her words. If dignity and respect had historically been at the core of this country’s foreign relations, we would all be farther along.

Do not misunderstand, I do not agree with the violence and I mourn for the families of the ambassador and that of his staff. But humankind can not go on this way. We can not use our faith or beliefs to inflict violence.

I have not seen the offending trailer, however one film does not represent the views of a nation! The California producer is said to be in hiding…great.

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Ode to Golden Nuggets of Goodness


Oh the clever cow!
The sweettangy of the golden nuggets of goodness-
How the balance of moist and crispy is so perfect!
And the unbelievable elixir that is lemonade, so crisp and sweet,
I have joked to many that it undoubtedly is opiate laced.
We respectfully recognize your day of rest,
Anxiously awaiting another day of sinful shakes.

How could something so beautiful
Become so ugly?
Not that I have illusions,
That others do not share your unapologetic bigotry
But it saddens me so
And my heart is heavy…
Chick-fil-A, why did the perfect savory bite
Become laden by politics and unequality?

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God Bless America

The House Committee on Homeland Security’s hearing on The Extent of Radicalization in the American Muslim Community and That Community’s Response began today.

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