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The Perfect Score


A new strategy for helping your teen prep for the SAT: take it yourself, seven times.

No thanks. I took it twice, once as a sophomore once as a junior, and that was enough. Mother and SAT enthusiast, Debbie Stier, has a book to help college-bound students.

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SAT Scores Down in District


SAT reading scores are down in DC. This new crop of students has an average of 407; counterparts in MD and VA scored 496 and 508, respectively with only VA making the national average.

Arguably, this test does not predict one’s college performance, however it is still an admissions prerequisite. I don’t know if these scores are seniors only or a mixture of juniors and seniors. There is an upcoming test in three weeks so seniors have time to raise them.

The good news? Many schools now “superscore” the test. In other words, if students take the test multiple times, they take the highest ever score of each section and total them.

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