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Sex Lives of the Rich and Poor

According to Brookings, they are really quite similar, at least among women. That is until we start talking reproductive choice and protection. I know, I know… a touchy subject, especially when politics is ever-present in the conversation. Apparently, access to birth control is the greatest variable in this conversation.

In terms of policy, the Affordable Care Act has helped some of these complex issues. However, this type of research needs to be used when arguing the intersection of reproductive rights and economics. We all know that women still lag behind in terms of earning power and financial freedom. When coupled with child-bearing, we lose more ground. Inject socio-economic class and the women at the lower end of that spectrum finish last.

In a sense, inequality starts before birth, said co-author Richard Reeves, policy director of the Center on Children and Families. An important part of the policy story is helping parents have children when they’re ready. The life chances of those children will be better as a result.

It can be so easy to judge, but don’t do it until you run the race in another’s shoes.


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Young and Dumb


As we approach World AIDS Day (Dec. 1), disturbing news. Today, CDC released new stats regarding HIV and young people.

Youth ages 13-24 account for 26 percent of new infections AND there is higher incidence among Black and gay young men.

This tells me two things: 1) We as parents, guardians, mentors and health professionals are failing; 2) Young people are hard-headed as hell! What are we going to do about it?!? A generation will get decimated at this rate! People, we need to talk about sex, not just have it. Adults: it’s time to talk to the young people in your life- the stakes are too high. Silence is not working.

I challenge all of you following or reading my blog to repost, share or have/start a discussion…please.

When my daughter gets home tonight, it’s time for another sex and STD talk (we haven’t had one in a while, too long).

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Fifty Shades of Healing


You’ve heard all of the hype; you’ve maybe heard the criticism. Maybe you’ve even read the books…

Despite all the financial success, movie deal and controversy, there’s an important question we need to ask…what’s behind it all? Women. Sexuality. An important by-product of this craze is the impact that it’s had on women: their sexuality, relationships and marriages.

Author EL James did her first on-camera interview a few weeks ago with Katie Couric. She remarked about the surprising letters and thank yous she’s received from women and couples. The racy prose is apparently awakening a dormant “goddess” that has women all riled up! Women are losing their inhibitions and trying something new. Now, it may not be the Red Room but they are expanding their sexual repertoire. And they are happy. And it’s saving marriages. And heating up sex lives.

I told a friend about the books some time ago. We are both avid readers and it’s a fun read. Anyway, let’s call my friend Ana. Well Ana and her husband, Christian, have been having problems for at least a year. The issues center around communication and past hurts but have grown enormous; they either argue or don’t talk at all. A once healthy and rich sex life has all but dwindled.

The other day she called and shared:
“I guess the fifty shades has gotten to me.” On his day off, Christian took the kids to school and came home to a Dom Ana, dressed in only spike heels holding a whip. “Take off your clothes now!” He thought she was playing until he felt the bite of the whip. He quickly obliged.

“I whipped his ass!” Then, I explained all the hurt I’d been feeling, the effect no sex was having and how he’d been mistreating me. If he interrupted, I whipped him; if he answered my question too slowly or complied to a request too slowly, you know what happened.

This led to great sex and a long and overdue honest conversation. She said it turned out to be a really good day and Christian said he enjoyed the time together.

So, I don’t care that the book is fantastical…it’s fiction for crying out loud. I care that it is empowering women and liberating them.

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