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A President for the 21st Century


Have you ever worked with someone or known someone who performs a task just because it’s always been done or because it’s always been performed a particular way, without regard for purpose or end goal? Who has no interest in the fact that it could be completed more effectively or efficiently? I am, by all accounts, an impatient person. So this makes me want to tear my hair out!

And this is exactly my feeling about Congress and this country, in general. And I can’t be alone. Partisanship aside…C’MON!!!

Last night, our President reminded this nation of who we should be if we would get out of our own way. Stop making everything so difficult and get to the job at hand. This is a new era with new challenges; stop dragging collective feet and invest in TODAY… the issues of today.

I was glad to hear the tone of a second-term President ready to exert executive power. Americans need jobs, our kids need access to education (Prek thru college), technology and innovation are critical, we can’t be bruisers and fight always and fair pay is fair. It won’t be easy, but it ain’t rocket science! And if it were, we have great minds who could figure it out.

It will take cooperation.

ACA was voted into law, get over it! America elected a Black president (twice), get over it! Marriage equality is here, get over it! Pope Francis is shaking up Catholicism, get over it! Women bring home the bacon AND fry it up in a pan, get over it! Young people don’t get mired down in race and culture; get over it! We need to take care of our veterans, get over it! We have to fix the planet that we hurt, get over it! People do not need high-powered, automatic weapons to hunt, get over it! Everyone in this country at some point was an immigrant, get over it!


Now, can we get to the America that our President talked about? The one founded on opportunity, equality, perseverance and freedom? I would like to catch more than a glimpse before I die.


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I Was Pleasantly Surprised

A few diamonds from the President’s speech that both touched and surprised me a bit.

1. Affordable pre-school for all children- what a radical concept
2. The meaning of fatherhood- could you say that 1,000 times Mr. President so that it can be heard around the world!
3. AIDS-free America – you would think that we have a handle on this thing for the limited attention it gets.
4. Connecting education to employment- a revolutionary concept indeed.
5. Improvement of voting process – although so many are willing, it doesn’t make it right.
6. “They deserve a vote!” – shaming folks for not bringing gun leg to a vote.

Stay tuned for a more complete SOTU post tomorrow.

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An America Built to Last

POTUS Maximus used the phrase “an America built to last” repeatedly reminding us of the post-war economic boom which he recalled to discuss a unified America. It also put me in mind of the U.S. automobile industry which built this country…brilliant.

After opening with a salute to our vets, he implored Congress and the country to take a lesson from the troops: focus on the mission and work together. Then he laid out a blueprint, sprinkling in his Administration’s accomplishments and outlining legislation that he would like to see come across his desk, “send me a bill that….”

What does the blueprint include?

  1. Investment in education
  2. Accessing clean energy
  3. Creating jobs
  4. Federal funding for research
  5. Fair taxation
  6. Regulation of the financial industry
  7. Restoring the American dream for families: work hard, buy a home, send kids to college and put a little away for retirement.
  8. Invest in America (auto industry, research, keeping jobs here and bringing them back, make college accessible for all students, train workers for re-employment)
  9. Continue to fight terrorism
  10. End partisanship and politics

Of course, there was a Lincoln reference.

What is on the list of accomplishments? Increased VA benefits and spending, assassination of Bin Laden, bringing troops home from Iraq and healthcare reform.

My favorite quote? “We need to lower the temperature in Washington.” Americans are sick of the fighting.

In closing, another salute to our troops. Thank you for service and let’s follow their lead. So how did POTUS do?



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