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It has been a big year for emoji.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then turn off your flip phone! But for the rest of you, who knew that emoticons were going to mature onto such a global stage?!? I surely did not, but then again I’m not immersed in the tech world. However, it is evident that if one does not think globally about technology then that could be the demise of an upcoming product/software/idea.

With Word of the Year under its belt, emoji is taking on other challenges that have cultural significance. Who knew that this popular symbol would be tackling religious, political and social issues?

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Unmanned Aircraft Launch


Yesterday the US Navy launched an unmanned aircraft from a carrier based in Norfolk. Unlike drones, this aircraft gets its direction solely from computer programming.

While the X-47B is not be used for operations just information gathering, we know where this is going. While it’s technologically impressive, this is a scary road to tread.

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iPhone 5?


Appsolutely…for many…  however the ongoing battle between Google and Apple finds the latest edition a few apps short. The Maps app is causing the biggest grumble.

When Apple pioneered the strategy of creating an all-inclusive product filled with proprietary content, it changed the digital game, everyone followed suit. What does this mean? For consumers, the battles are just beginning. Look to lose more apps and features on upcoming techtoys, no matter the brand.

So what is the verdict? Is it worth pre-ordering, standing in atrocious, never-ending lines? I’m a Droid girl myself… Too many Apple-toting colleagues emit more whining than exultation for me.

It’s thinner, faster, sleeker. Tell me what you think…

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Pink Is The New Blue


We have a name for it now: The Great Recession. During this time, manufacturing jobs went bust. It’s not shocking that as the economy and industry shifts, employment must do the same. Have we learned nothing from a dated school system and curriculum created during industrialism?

Pink collar jobs are the future…I may have to look into this myself…. Jobs in industries once dominated by women are experiencing growth and many are in the health profession- nurse, PA, dental assistant. Men are beginning to follow the tide. Many blue collar workers are shifting to a new career and education is also taking notice with a plethora of additional offerings in health, medical and technology fields…figures. Academia can always capitalize on the trends.The other common thread binding these jobs is technology.

Teachers are another pink collar field. Good. More male teachers are welcome. I would think nannies fall into this category as well. 🙂

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