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It’s Not About War


No matter your politics, you owe them thanks. Salute a soldier today, tomorrow, always for their service.

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I Salute You


Although I do not support war, I absolutely support those who serve to protect this country.

Let’s be sure to recognize and support soldiers and veterans year-round. Whether is thanking a neighbor for their service, making a donation for wounded warriors and/or urging your representatives to propose/sponsor legislation that supports soldiers, veterans and their families.

Those who serve or have served in our military, I salute you this Memorial Day and always.

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Thank a Vet Today, Everyday


There are many ways to say thank you.

Say it. Speak the words, “Thank you.” It is necessary and humbling. It means that you support soldiers, veterans and their families, not war.

Advocate. Support legislation that will help with their successful transition into civilian life, assist them to secure rightful benefits and ensure that they have housing and employment.

Hire veterans. Encourage your employer to hire veterans. Think outside the box to consider this under-utilized talent pool. Most soldiers have valuable transferable skills, unparalleled work ethic and stellar leadership abilities.

Talk to your reps. Hold your Congressional  representatives accountable. Make sure they support/vote for and/or introduce legislation that supports veterans, soldiers and their families.

Educate yourself. There are many stereotypes about those who serve in our military. They are young, smart, diverse and committed.


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New Rules for Women in Combat


Not sure how I feel about it yet, but interesting. On staff with a previous employer, I did a lot of work about and on behalf of female soldiers and veterans, waaaay before anybody was talking about it.

I raise my eyebrows now at all the attention that they receive and they have earned it. The Pentagon changing rules is a big deal, especially in light of all the women who have been killed and injured in enemy combat over the last decade in Iraq and Afghanistan. But I am still undecided about the limitations that are set. It’s too dangerous…it is dangerous to be a medic, translator or part of a convoy!

I wonder how women feel about it. If there are any female vets and/or soldiers out there, how about it?…

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A Salute to Our Military


Yesterday, President Obama repealed a long-standing policy that refused condolence letters for the families of soldiers who commit suicide while in combat zones. Good for him. The word for such a policy is cruel.

If you have ever spoken to a soldier or veteran who has served in times of conflict, you know that there are things that they will never share. There are experiences that they have locked away as a means of self-preservation.

I remember attending a hearing regarding suicide in the military. A young, former Marine, a veteran/ psychiatrist as well as older veterans, who turned to substance abuse and other destructive behavior to mask their pain, testified. It was excruciating and I had to excuse myself. They were asking the VA to improve mental health outreach/benefits to veterans but more importantly to partner with community programs that serve and give continued support to veterans for depression and PTSD. The Marine had attempted suicide and had several fellow soldiers who succeeded.

The point is this, these people voluntarily serve this country and fight valiantly. If they break from the weight of war, does that make them less of a soldier? Does their family grieve less? And while I’m thinking about it, I am curious to know what the policy is for the spouse/children/family- do they receive whatever compensation is given to other soldiers who die in the line of duty?

Again, I applaud the policy change and thank our veterans and soldiers for their service.

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