Meet the Word Geek

I am a writer and an artist.

I love the power of words to tell a story and evoke emotion. My vision is to inject artistry into everyday prose.

If I were a color, I would be orange. I live for music, poetry and good books.

As Joyinhome, I love to blog about the headlines, giving my opinion and an occasional rant. I often chop it up with American alum, food writer and fellow blogger, Gansie, at Endless Simmer. And my Temple alum, educator and blogger, Crystal, feeds my mentoring and motherhood jones at Empowering Single Moms. I also co-founded the blog Young Women Misbehavin’.

My goal is to incorporate creativity and passion into branding solutions. As a working mother, I am involved with community and education activities as well as grassroots activism.



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