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Say a Little Prayer


After Mali, Burkina Faso, Paris, Ivory Coast, Brussels, Nigerian displacement camps, Tunisia and too many others, I sent up an impromptu prayer in the shower this morning. I asked for healing for families of the slain and yes, I prayed for the killers, jihadists, terrorists however you want to label them. I asked that God or Yahweh, Jah or Allah change their hearts and make them understand that the Creator does not want terror in their name.

I encourage us all to do it – even if you don’t pray! Send peaceful thoughts…we have to be in this together.

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:) ;) :/ :(


It has been a big year for emoji.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then turn off your flip phone! But for the rest of you, who knew that emoticons were going to mature onto such a global stage?!? I surely did not, but then again I’m not immersed in the tech world. However, it is evident that if one does not think globally about technology then that could be the demise of an upcoming product/software/idea.

With Word of the Year under its belt, emoji is taking on other challenges that have cultural significance. Who knew that this popular symbol would be tackling religious, political and social issues?

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Everyone Has God


Yesterday during my evening commute, I was on the phone with my significant other. He was talking about many of the youth today and he said they were “Godless.” He then made some scriptural reference which landed me out of my depth; I have not studied religious texts in at least 20 years.

I listened as he made his point,  then I said, “I would never call anyone Godless, say they don’t have a relationship with God.” He concurred stating that people do have God, something that they worship. That would be the an idol and not what I meant. I left it alone because it was a point tangential to what he was trying to say. However,  we must revisit the conversation soon because it is an important one.

I need for him to know what I believe. And need to know that there we share some ideology around it. Everyone has God. God is a part of all of us, within us. Perhaps we haven’t connected with God and as children were necer taught to. But to label someone as Godless is, in my eyes, the cruelest description you can bestow. There are some that I believe fit in this category who seem driven by an indescribable evil but not a large segment of our youth. They are lost and need to understand who they are, tap into their purpose and know they are indeed a child of God.

Holla if you hear me!

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Original Gangster


Pope Francis excommunicated all members of the Mafia over the weekend. I love him!!!! He’s an OG…

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5000 Men for 500 Corners

Violence in Chicago has unfortunately risen again and my favorite Pastor, Corey Brooks, is doing something about it. Today is sign-up day for volunteers to “man” (pun intended) the hot spots in Chicago throughout the summer. Specifically, Brooks is asking men to commit to patrolling and serving as mentors as well as building rapport with young men ages 12-25. The 5000 will be on post on 500 city corners on Friday nights from 6-10pm, June through August. This is a program of Project H.O.O.D.

In a related activity, he will be asking women to sign up to be “Sisters on the Street” to mentor young girls throughout the summer on Saturdays from noon to 4pm.

For more information:

  • Visit
  • Follow @CoreyBBrooks on Twitter
  • Share through your social networks so that all cities can learn and emulate this model
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True Families

What is a true family you ask? Good question. Yesterday during my morning commute I was behind a car for about five miles, with several religious bumper stickers. One sticker referenced a “true family” complete with a graphic of a mother, father and two children.

Now, perhaps I was reading too much into it…but I think not. There is no true family, they all look different and who cares as long as they work! When I say work, I mean the family provides the love, support and care to one another in order for its members to feel nurtured and then grow. Not staying a unit for appearances or out of fear to leave.

A few weeks back, I saw a Chevy commercial that talked about what a family is; I loved it. As a single parent, I’ve received my share of judgment…but the heart of family is what’s important.

BTW- I imagine the driver of that cares hates that commercial.


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A President for the 21st Century


Have you ever worked with someone or known someone who performs a task just because it’s always been done or because it’s always been performed a particular way, without regard for purpose or end goal? Who has no interest in the fact that it could be completed more effectively or efficiently? I am, by all accounts, an impatient person. So this makes me want to tear my hair out!

And this is exactly my feeling about Congress and this country, in general. And I can’t be alone. Partisanship aside…C’MON!!!

Last night, our President reminded this nation of who we should be if we would get out of our own way. Stop making everything so difficult and get to the job at hand. This is a new era with new challenges; stop dragging collective feet and invest in TODAY… the issues of today.

I was glad to hear the tone of a second-term President ready to exert executive power. Americans need jobs, our kids need access to education (Prek thru college), technology and innovation are critical, we can’t be bruisers and fight always and fair pay is fair. It won’t be easy, but it ain’t rocket science! And if it were, we have great minds who could figure it out.

It will take cooperation.

ACA was voted into law, get over it! America elected a Black president (twice), get over it! Marriage equality is here, get over it! Pope Francis is shaking up Catholicism, get over it! Women bring home the bacon AND fry it up in a pan, get over it! Young people don’t get mired down in race and culture; get over it! We need to take care of our veterans, get over it! We have to fix the planet that we hurt, get over it! People do not need high-powered, automatic weapons to hunt, get over it! Everyone in this country at some point was an immigrant, get over it!


Now, can we get to the America that our President talked about? The one founded on opportunity, equality, perseverance and freedom? I would like to catch more than a glimpse before I die.


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