Protesters Could Be Silenced Forever

In mid-September protests began in Iran after a young woman died in police custody.

Since then, an estimated 14,000 people have been arrested and detained in Iran, according to the United Nations. About 1,000 people in Tehran were charged for their alleged involvement in the unrest.

The Iranian government has voted overwhelmingly to issue the death penalty for those involved in the protests. It is unclear if this sentence will be carried out for all in custody. With that said, this is a gross violation of human rights, even if it is only the one individual who was just sentenced to death. To date, over 300 people have been killed during the protests.

Please post, share, tag news outlets. We are a global community. We should all be outraged that this could happen. Don’t simply shake your head or post a tear emoji. Take action. Talk about it, share it with your network, your children.

If we let this stand, we are on the wrong side of history.

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