Women Are Standing Up By Cutting Their Hair

And burning their hijabs in the streets of Iran. Finally…

Ongoing protests in Iran.

Women continue to be second-class citizens around the world, and yes, the Western world too. Whether you agree with that statement or not, you must agree that killing a 22 year-old woman, Mahsa “Jina” Amini, because some of her hair was exposed from her hijab is barbaric (technically she was beaten, later died from her injuries in the hospital and the police are lying about it, sound familiar?) 

Mahsa Amini, her given Kurdish name from her parents was Jina, but it was forbidden.

I will never understand why some must impose their will over others no matter the cost or resulting suffering. These “morality police” are clearly forgetting the will of God to whom they claim to worship.

Some people will skip over this post because it is about Iran and Islam. Please don’t. The country and the “infraction” are different, but this happens almost everyday, in AMERICA.

Iran is a country made up of citizens and a government who makes the rules. To be dismissive of these protests and the plight of these women because it is happening in Iran is hypocritical. You CANNOT hold a people accountable for the history and actions of its government. How often have you disavowed your government or its actions to someone from another country who assumes that you support everything because you are an American citizen? I know that I have… many times.

Learn what’s going on and how you can amplify their voices. Why? Because it is the right thing to do AND because we are all human.

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