This Mom’s Top Ten

I almost, almost called this Top Ten Things I Hate About Being a Mom (I can imagine the outcry and comments that I would get…maybe I should rethink using that title…).

Anyway, moms need to remember that we are human and get to be tired of the “challenges” that come with motherhood- and not feel guilty.

1. Going to movies that are suitable for the 12 and under audience.

2. Packing a diaper bag, bottle bag and miscellaneous bag that is ready for all unplanned occurrences.

3. Having my sleep interrupted EVERY night.

4. Whining.

5. Having two full-time jobs.

6. Helplessly witnessing the pending ”I-hate-you” phase of my tween.

7. The incessant feeling that I am failing.

8. “Balancing” personal and professional (what a joke).

9. Resenting the daycare provider who gets paid to witness all of the lovable moments that I never will.

10. Obsessing about college ( and high school) tuition.

Yet, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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