We Are All Precious

So I finally saw it yesterday.

I almost talked myself out of it because I was that anxious. But I saw Precious yesterday afternoon, alone with my Kleenex and contraband goodies.

As I thought about writing this and which direction it would take, a close friend came to mind, who vowed not to see it. I respect her decision, especially for those who have lived some of those horrific experiences. BUT, I am hopeful that those of us who have not endured such mind-numbing pain, will see this movie.

I have heard the argument that rape and incest happen everyday with real people- why would you waste your time going to see it play out on a big screen? My response is if you have not lived it or know anyone who has, it is easy to say “that’s not me, why should I care.”

Art in its best and truest forms shines light on that which we want kept in the dark. It is a reflection of life. Sapphire, the author of PUSH (the book which inspired the movie), wrote about the collective experiences of people she knew. Although it was fiction, it was fiction that is based in reality.

Precious tears off any blinders that you may wear. It forces you to care about this unlikely heroine and cheer for her against all odds. And it forces you to think about/have discussions with your family, friends, children, strangers and co-workers about incest, rape, illiteracy, abuse, education, stereotypes, HIV/AIDS…

If this movie can empower one person and end the deafening silence that envelopes incest in one family, then Lee Daniels did us a solid.

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