Ode to the Single Mother

One does not aspire to be a single mother.
As a young girl, I did not look into the mirror and long to follow in my mother’s footsteps. In fact, I was hopeful that I would raise my children in a household with two, loving parents.
But in the absence of that picture,
what can I say to you to lighten your load?
And ignite that twinkle in your eye that far too often loses its luster-

The road can be lonely, sometimes weary but punctuated with snaggletooth smiles and “I love yous” with tiny arms encircling your tired neck.
Remember that you are not a bad word or cautionary tale;
Not a stereotype or reason for shame- leave that for silent fathers to claim.
Realize that you will know love although it may not happen the way you thought it would…
Or when you thought it should.
Keep love at the center of your family.
Show your children, better than you can tell them.

It’s okay to think about yourself once in a while.

I am proud of some of my sisters that heard tick, tock of their clock
And chose to follow their heart’s desire over
Loose lips, barrenness or a bad marriage

A little support would be nice- no not a handout- a kind, supportive word
To break the monotonous cycle of school/work/motherhood
An acknowledgement that (right or wrong) we are single-handedly raising many of the next generation.

Know that God counts your tears and
We see you.
Keep your head up.
One day your son (or daughter) could be president.

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