Morning Rush Hour

12 Nov

imageSix am…I have no in-person meetings today so I can throw on sweats.

Mornings in my house are never routine. Luckily, I don’t have a set time to begin my work day because I would have to wake at least an hour earlier, to handle the surprises.

Lunch was packed the night before, thank God. I have to get my toddler dressed and fight with him to brush his teeth. There is no time to fix breakfast for his lunchbox. Factor in 11 minutes to go to McDonalds’ drive-thru to get some “pon-cakes.”

My 13 year-old knows that she has PE twice a week; the days don’t change, yet we are waiting for the dryer to buzz producing a clean PE uniform before we leave. I also need her to be sure she has her student ID so she doesn’t accumulate yet ANOTHER detention. All this, however, every hair is in place on her head.

imageAttention, Little Man: There will never be fruit snacks for breakfast! He is unhappy and not cooperating to get out of the house.

I just remember, the tank is on E. I have to stop to get gas…


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