Bad Girls, Talkin’ Bout the Sad Girls…

19 Nov

Sex slave.
Child sex trafficking.

Now be honest. You had a different reaction to the first one than you did the second two.

Why do we have such a visceral reaction to prostitutes? Do they have nothing in common with the latter two epidemics? These faceless prostitutes are…WOMEN…GIRLS… who are being beaten, raped and dehumanized.

I have had heated debates over the years with men and women about this topic and have been ready to ‘take off my earrings’ (check with someone for context). These are our daughters, mothers, grand-daughters, nieces, sisters, best friends, classmates however we have no time or sympathy for their situation. I’m sure none of them wanted to grow up to be on the street. I’m even more certain none of them have a Richard Gere coming to their rescue. 

Check out The Young Women’s Empowerment Group . I was intrigued. Started by women and girls who have been there, they have research.

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Posted by on November 19, 2010 in Education, Girls, Health, women


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